Saturday, February 3, 2018

Mark Turner - Charity Thief - Inca Kola

Mark Turner - Incakolanews
We report that Mr. Mark Turner is apparently NO LONGER the "Website Designer/Manager at Soluciones Practicas"

"Giannina Solari is now managing the ELLA Programme website. You can contact her at:" Best wishes, Mark"

One hopes Mr. Turner's immediate supervisor also felt the heat for his hand in Turner's very open larceny of a charity. Lesson here? Karma gets around, eventually. Mark Turner needed to look in the mirror long ago and get his hideous priorities correct. He fails to this day.
We admit to following the permanently ugly website of Mark Turner over at Incakolanews, every other week. Its not that we enjoy his diatribe of excess profanity, nor his continual and non-stop self promotion.

We give the flaming boyotard full marks for showing his colours and making us laugh. He went to great lengths to spew AGAINST Tommy Humphreys, but now Turner is spending virtually every waking hour posting/reading nonsense on Humphreys' blog.

Tommy Humphreys
Our boyoTard has well over a DECADE worth of worthless posts on his own blog, but now he figures his vast stupidity needs to be gracing the space of a man he abhors. Riiiiight Mark Turner. Pfffft.

And here ladies and gentlemen is the material Marky needs to share with the world. (24/7/365)

Mark Turner ELLA Programme - Website Designer/Manager at Soluciones Practicas
"[OttoRock] ... you get to masturbate hard because I actually address you."

"[OttoRock] cunning linguist "

"[OttoRock] and now...i go to the dentist."
Nuff said? Unfukkin real. We should note that Mr. Turner WAS employed full-time so who exactly is paying for all of his valuable time every day? Suckers giving to a charity in good faith, that's who.