Sunday, August 18, 2019

The Pot Rush rubbish - 3 'prerolled' = $17.05 - Update

One constant, no matter which pot deal one looks at, is fully stupid, lofty promises of unmitigated greatness. Sadly folks seem too willing to lap it up without question.

Example #1 is the VAST profit potential in 'prerolled.' $17.05 for half a gram and OMG think of all the profits from a zillion units of THAT. A gram on the illicit market is around $8 and that makes around 6 joints. Assuming folks are far too stupid to roll a joint and will pay more than four times as much as necessary to avoid the task is patently ridiculous. Idiotic probably.

Alison Gordon and Jeannette Vandermarel
Next up is the vast potential in outdoor grown pot. Most recently rumors have surfaced that 48North Cannabis Corp. (NRTH.v) highly touted outdoor pot has gone to seed. That means ALL the pot is fully worthless as it has no potency left whatever, and this in addition to the fact that outdoor pot will ALWAYS be inferior to that grown under controlled conditions.

This co is already booking increasing losses. If this rumor turns out to be correct 48North Cannabis Corp will sewer because it's worthless.
Lastly the extract/edible markets. Extracts and formulations are something NOBODY has any experience with. There is absolutely, positively no market for it. Nobody knows if there will EVER be a market for extracts or edibles.

Initially pot shops were desperate to fill shelf space and bought a great deal of extracts and whatever else they could get their hands on. They haven't sold because there is no demand. Product is being returned and no new orders are forthcoming. Touting the extract market is a grotesque lost leader because it doesn't exist. And observe the jaw dropping prices.
Last quarter, as a reward for losing millions, the girls of NRTH.v issued themselves a mountain of SRUs. 'Special Restricted Units' are dead free shares issued directly from the co for zero consideration to connected arsecracks for being abject failures.

See ----->48North Cannabis Corp (NRTH.v)