Sunday, September 15, 2019

Anthony Jackson's latest Scam - Navis to Modern Meat Inc.

Wicked securities crook Anthony Jackson isn't slowing down in his scammery, in fact he has a another sure fire, can't miss opportunity of a lifetime for the public. Halted chit Navis Resources Corp. (SUV.c) has announced a deal with 'private' Modern Meat Inc.

Gory details aren't of interest because everybody ought to know it's another fukkin scam. Behold. " ... Navis intends to split its outstanding common shares on the basis of two post-Split common shares for each one pre-Split common share."

Yari Nieken
On August 13 Navis Resources Corp appointed Ron Coulson and Shahin Behroyan as directors to the board succeeding Michael Burns and Anthony Jackson who resigned. Yari Nieken replaces Mr. Jackson as CEO and CFO of the Company. The Board now consist of Yari Nieken, James Rogers, Shahin Behroyan, and Ron Coulson. Mr. Nieken is a part of the Jackson cabal and shows as an insider of disgraced Blox Technologies, Essex, and others. Shahin Behroyan is a Vancouver realtor.

In January 2016 Yari Nieken was pumping PUF.c Ventures and it's 'milestone' revenue of $146,000. Today it's been rolled back 1 for 4 and is called AgraFlora (AGRA.c). That would be ANOTHER dodgey pot company. What are the prospects of this garbage? Somewhere between nil and zero.