Friday, October 18, 2019

Cat-like reprobate Litchenwald lands at International Cobalt Corp. (CSE:CO) - Update

Wicked, massive dirty Konstantin Lichtenwald, fresh off the Good.v scam (and the BridgeMark scam) landed at International Cobalt Corp. (CSE:CO) as the new CFO last month.

ANYBODY reading this author otter know that a criminal scumbag like Litchenwald taints anything he goes anywhere near. Thus CO.c is CLEARLY a terrible bad PoS, and very likely another securities fraud. VERY simply if these MFers can't find anything wrong with Litchenwald's background then they obviously must be massive crooks too.

Tim Johnson
After virtually zero work at all we learn why Litchenwald is just peachy fine for this gig. International Cobalt Corp, ($.01) a pure grass rooter, has been offloading copious cash to Tantalex Resources Corporation (TTX.c) for wicked dodgey unsecured/convertible debentures. We're talking a very significant $4m+ for a co showing less than $1m in cash 6 months ago and if that ain't a wicked massive red flag I can't imagine what one is. The simple conclusion here is that Tim Johnson is looting International Cobalt Corp. (CSE:CO) absolutely fukkin stupid with the cash going to EQUALLY, if not MORE worthless TTX.c. ($.01) The last $750k passed off is interest free for fuk sakes.