Monday, September 16, 2019

Konstantin Litchenwald's latest - A-Labs Capital II Corp. - Update II

Curious about the determined Tel Aviv group behind Litchenwald your author decided to take a gander at their 'success' and that would be the recently listed RTO through Cannacord called Else Nutrition Holdings Inc. - BABY.v. Curious in that this group has appeared to make the rounds of virtually every brokerage house in Vancouver before landing with the total whores at Cannacord.

What can we say about this co? Not much because it has no business to speak of. Minimal 'sales' and half the dough raised in 'subscription receipts' is already spoken for 3 months in. A body HAS TO WONDER what 9 (countem) high level executives actually 'do' on any given day.

This group is immediately suspect for having Litchenwald anywhere near them. They are either inherently crooked or fully incapable of any DD. It appears to not matter that much because what we appear to have here is another worthless scam going nowhere but down the tubes.
The financials ALREADY beg disbelief. $790k in current liabilities with another $580k due to related parties. $ 3.3m loss, instantly, and these dogs very much need to be avoided.
There are 3 (countem) shells.
A-Labs Capital I Corp. - Doron Cohen - - Echelon dated August 31, 2018
A-Labs Capital II Corp. - Doron Cohen - - Haywood dated October 22, 2018
A-Labs Capital IV Corp. - Chay Benahmou - - Haywood dated June 7, 2019

Common thread? The first two have Litchenwald showing on the BoD. Those two have failed in their QTs. Number 3 has different directors, excluding Litchenwald. That QT has yet to close. ALL QTs involve multi-millions in 'subscription receipts' for a dodgy, fully unknown and possibly the same, acquisition. 'Doron' describes his vast knowledge of "Mobile Advertising, AdTech"

A-Labs Capital II Corp. (TSXV: ALAB.P) announces that it has completed its initial public offering through its agent, Haywood Securities Inc., of 2,000,000 common shares of the Company at a price of $0.10 per common share for total gross proceeds of $200,000 pursuant to a prospectus dated December 17, 2018 filed with the British Columbia and Alberta Securities Commissions.

The Company has received final acceptance to be listed as a Capital Pool Company (CPC) on the TSX Venture Exchange. The common shares of the Company are expected to commence trading on the TSXV at the opening of market on or about March 15, 2019 under the trading symbol “ALAB.P”. Tel Aviv resident Doron Cohen is CEO of A-Labs Capital I Corp. The Company's board of directors and management team is comprised of: Doron Cohen, Noah Herscovici (CFO), Michael Mire (Director), Bruce Rowlands (Director) and Konstantin Lichtenwald (Director).

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Anthony Jackson's latest Scam - Navis to Modern Meat Inc.

Wicked securities crook Anthony Jackson isn't slowing down in his scammery, in fact he has a another sure fire, can't miss opportunity of a lifetime for the public. Halted chit Navis Resources Corp. (SUV.c) has announced a deal with 'private' Modern Meat Inc.

Gory details aren't of interest because everybody ought to know it's another fukkin scam. Behold. " ... Navis intends to split its outstanding common shares on the basis of two post-Split common shares for each one pre-Split common share."

Yari Nieken
On August 13 Navis Resources Corp appointed Ron Coulson and Shahin Behroyan as directors to the board succeeding Michael Burns and Anthony Jackson who resigned. Yari Nieken replaces Mr. Jackson as CEO and CFO of the Company. The Board now consist of Yari Nieken, James Rogers, Shahin Behroyan, and Ron Coulson. Mr. Nieken is a part of the Jackson cabal and shows as an insider of disgraced Blox Technologies, Essex, and others. Shahin Behroyan is a Vancouver realtor.

In January 2016 Yari Nieken was pumping PUF.c Ventures and it's 'milestone' revenue of $146,000. Today it's been rolled back 1 for 4 and is called AgraFlora (AGRA.c). That would be ANOTHER dodgey pot company. What are the prospects of this garbage? Somewhere between nil and zero.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

OSC accuses conmen of securities pot fraud - Ward, Serrano, Strang

Ward claimed he held a doctorate degree. This was false and another lie. Canada Cannabis, Benjamin Ward, Silvio Serrano and Peter Strang have been accused of fraud. Canada Cannabis raised about $3.2m and US$8.8m from about 125 investors — about half in Ontario — between 2014 and 2016.

The men reached an agreement to use $1m of investor funds to purchase a 45 per cent interest in Growlite, without hiring a valuator or addressing the conflict arising from investing in Serrano’s company. They are accused of using a further $3 million of investor funds to finance a loan to Serrano’s firm.

Benjamin Ward
The loan was eventually written off without any attempt to collect interest payments or recover the principal. “By the fall of 2016, Ward, Strang and Serrano had resigned from CCC, leaving behind a company depleted of all investor funds."

Ward continued his fraud career with 'Wayland Group,' which is halted, likely for good. The 3 men face lifetime bans from the securities market in Canada and fines.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Going on TILT.c - $ 552m loss in 2018 - Update II

Until vaping came along NOBODY ever died from smoking pot. The capitalists are sooooooo eager to make money they will kill kids whilst lying like sidewalks, no problemo. "short-term noise" = sux my ass.Latest and greatest from this group of iffing sad sacks is a splaining of the recent news that vaping is killing folks. (Now 6 dead, 450 sick) " ... recent negative press around vaping, we are finding out that most of this news revolves around non-compliant and black market products."

What these hopeless management retards 'find' as they rip this co's stakeholders off stupid isn't really important to anybody. What they very much NEED to figure out is that vaping is fully untested and unknown.
Right this moment vaping appears the dopiest 'business' decision of the last decade, by far.
Latest from the offense known as Tilt Holdings Inc (TILT.c) is news of a US$125m convertible note financing. The firm has set a minimum financing of US$50m for the note, which can expand to $125m at it's discretion. That conversion is somewhere around $1.10.

In November 2018, the company raised US$119m, with shares being peddled at a price of C$5.25. Proceeds of the latest will go towards the Company’s U.S. $20m Bridge Loan dated April 29, 2019 that bears interest at 18.75%. Truly a body wonders what folks see in enterprises such as this.
"... represents another significant milestone for the Company," said Alex Coleman, Chairman and CEO of Tilt. "These financial results reflect the four way merger that formed Tilt and the corresponding balance sheet adjustments. Overall, we are extremely encouraged by the pro forma results."

Riiiight, sure dude, that's half a fukkin billion into the ether. "Adjusted EBITDA of $(20.7) million compared to $(4.1) million in the prior year, with pro forma adjusted EBITDA of $(39.6) million."

Damn tis and a very good example of why we don't touch grossly overvalued pot stocks at all.

Canaccord Genuity reiterated their $7/share “Speculative Buy” target despite a large impairment loss on goodwill, which saw TILT Holdings write-down $496.44 million in non-cash losses.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Calling out John Paul Tognetti - Update II

So JP. Who was right as rain about GOOD.v and WHO deserves a serious butt-spanking for being a dopey Venture rube? I believe I'll post a reward for information on the e-whereabouts of Tognetti bummy.

Reading the latest 'victory lap' of the failed GOOD.v financing is suggesting to me that the TOTAL dopes at Haywood are still hot to trot by the tune of $2m. How iffing stupid, errr, never mind. The next deadline is the 28th apparently.

This dopeshow is soooooo obvious and soooooo outrageous I DEMAND access to obtuse Tognetti bummy for spanking purposes. I figure GOOD.v doesn't have 2 months left without new money. If they successfully steal more, well, there goes my carefully considered ANALysis.
John Tognetti. Chairman, Board of DirectorsAllrighty Mr. John Paul Tognetti. I'm suffering yer press mightily ... "Mr. Tognetti is regarded as one of north Americas leading financiers. He has a proven track record of providing his clients with successful and timely investment ideas." Sir, yer terrible bad connect with GOOD.v guarantees a multi-bag loss in months.
Why don't any of the Rhodes scholars at Haywood present their bum bums for spanking by yours truly? Millions is what I saved youse ingrates. Take some of my highly righteous abuse God dammit.
Further JP, why can't you motivate your brainiac 'team' of useless terds to do very elementary due diligence and BEFORE the dough leaves the building?

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Pot stocks out of favor slightly

It hasn't exactly been keggar time for anybody holding pot paper in 2019. Too tuff slogging tis, and one begins to wonder why NOBODY can possibly make any money on a product that goes for $8,000 per kilo in the black market.

Pot commentators sum it up by asking why 'normal' rules of supply and demand, quality versus price don't seem to apply in the pot industry whatever. Virtually every company is producing as much as possible, regardless if it can be bloody sold at a profit. Outdoor pot is a good example. Production in the US has increased 4 fold and everybody realistically expects a stable price moving forward?

Friday, September 6, 2019

Conman Jesse Dylan aka Michael Woodman - GOOD.v - Update III

And GOOD.v was halted for failure to file. WHEN will that evidence of securities fraud be filed for all to gag over? How about never, ahuck.

Latest and greatest as this utter krapus crashes and burns is the background of the new main man Mr. Chris Bradley. Observe

"I was pretty shocked. He was a complete fraud," said Mr. Kornblit.
At this moment GOOD.v has revealed, after a 3 day halt, "there has been a significant negative shift" and that would be Bank of Nova Scotia pulling the credit lines and scooping anything they could find. Now "Good Life is proposing a repositioning of its business" and "Discussions will now begin with key stakeholders, starting with secured creditors, ahead of any likely breach of covenants."

What does this stupidity mean? This paper stands to be halted permanently and then delisted as not meeting minimum listing requirements.

Craig Pavia
The criminal fraud lassoed $21m, $9m from 'subscription receipts' and the balance from BNS. This fraud was first accomplished by paying Craig Pavia about 12X times as much as '495 Communications' was worth. Next multi-millions went out the door for MattFace's fully worthless 'Impression X'

The conmen then tried to steal another $3m from Echelon, which failed. They did manage to steal $1m from the idiots at Haywood.

Matt Hopkins
Key functionary was BridgeMark famous crooked CFO Konstantin Litchenwald, who engineered and tended the accounting fraud. It was a 'black box' revenue scam with 'round trip' accounting between related paper companies. Revenues were and are entirely fraudulent and non-existent.
Hi Jesse/Mikie.

I was by the shuttered office again but I didn't see you there. Shame. Sleeping well you horrid criminal?

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Alex 'Blackie' Black becomes Sprott BumBoy - RIO.v - Update

Our former hero Alex Black has released the updated mineral resource estimate and prefeasibility study at Fenix in Argentina and numbers are less than stellar. $121 million after-tax net present value discounted at (pffft) 5% for a 27.4% internal rate of return. This ain't 'world class' anything and that is obvious.

Blackie is deep in the waterless mountains this time and those numbers point to a white elephant unless PoG continues a rocket trip ride to the moon.
Alex 'Blackie' BlackLatest in Mr. Alex Black's world is the backing of Timminco billionaire Eric Sprott to the tune of a $22m financing with Eric baby parting with $9.9m of his limitless wad. What does Eric Sprott 'know' about mining? About the same as solar cells as far as I'm concerned.

In other news, lawyertard Kenney was offloaded.
With as much respect as I can muster, Eric Baby's track record since his $ 1.3b score is much like a blind drunk at a whorehouse.
See ----->Alex 'Blackie' Black revisited Again - RIO2

Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Tinley Beverage Company Inc. - TNY.c

"We believe drinkable elixirs are among the healthiest and most delicious ways to enjoy cannabis." Behold the 'revenues' being generated by this juggerNOT.

GOOD.v - Eve of Destruction - Update

Your humble servant marched past the Good.v Vancouver office again yesterday. It was locked down and vacant. The desks are still there and copious rubbish lines the walls. Human beings there were none at all.

Laughably, the utter dolts at are patting each other's bums about the great news that's pending. How much longer, one wonders mightily, before the light bulbs finally go on and they realize they have lost 100% to a conman.
Jesse/Mikie cancelled the AGM and needs to file financials on Friday the 30th. Could doing that be problematic for the new CFO? Damn yup. The GOOD.v office was dark last week, an attribute apparently made so by employees going 'on vacation.' This gospel reputedly from the big man his invisible self.

MattFace and Polansky have gone MIA. The former likely back to the UK and the later who cares.
Prognostication? Co is in serious trouble deep and nobody knows it better than the basterds that openly stole multi-millions.

These offenses tend to be over quick and the shelf here sure as chit ain't long.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Taseko for Dummies - TKO.t = $ .50

Things have not been going well on the good ship TKO. Copper prices remain severely depressed around the $2.53 level and that guarantees multi-millions in operating losses for these terds. The nearly ten year rubbish regarding the Florence copper IS operation continues and this observer says it ought never happen ever because it will corrupt potable water in Florence forever.

The HDI group are world famous for attempting to pound square pegs through round holes and at great cost to our environment. This brilliant strategy sows the piss poor return for investors it very surely deserves. This operation is fully hopeless and at this rate will certainly go taters up.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Picking on 48North Cannabis Corp - NRTH.v - Update

Latest from this operation is news of the multi-million acquisition of 'a U.S. multistate vaporizer technology brand.' And how freaking amazing is the timing of this brilliant move?

"In recent weeks, there's been a surge of reports about people ending up in the hospital with lung issues, seizures and other health concerns after vaping. These issues -- which are affecting many teenagers and young adults -- are troubling, and we are just starting to understand all of the dangers" HERE.

Extracts and concentrates are a non-starter. This co eagerly throwing money at a potential lawsuit spinner aimed at kids is simply more of the same idiocy from this group.
Whilst checking out the rumor that this Co's 100 acres of outdoor pot had gone to seed I was reminded, in spades, why this operation annoys me. Those RSUs are an offense to ANY stakeholder.

Insiders and management pay themselves very well and enjoy benefits, perks, and expenses. They also enjoy options for cut rate paper. There is no argument possible that the damn slugs also require free paper off the backs of holders as a reward for losing multi-millions.

The management team here have no pot experience and no management experience either and it shows, very badly. The co's website is terrible, horrid bad and fully useless if one is looking for facts. Without question the thing is among the worst I have seen from a public company and THAT says something because I have waded through many.

This co DOES produce a presentation. Trouble is it is fully impossible to find. That is critical ongoing disclosure that 95%+ of Canadian public companies find important. For a Venture PooS to not provide a presentation is a massive red flag because that ongoing disclosure isn't there.

The saying in securities is that appearances become reality.
The reality of NRTH.v is that these unprofessional retards have no clue about what they are supposed to be doing and they care about industry standard IR not at all as they loot stakeholders fukkin stupid. COULD the rumor of all their chit outdoor pot going to seed be true? Hell yup, in fact this display of incompetence points to it as inevitable.