Thursday, July 29, 2021

Realtor Shahin Behroyan - 'stinking cabbage'

Behroyan was described as crooked and deceptive, corrupt, greedy, and using dirty money.
Busted terd Sahin Behroyan had his bumhole in a twist when he sued fellow North Vancouver realtor Reza Mousavy in 2017.

Mousavy outted the Decotiis/Behroyan $75k fraud, and among other things termed Behroyan a 'stinking cabbage', which seems pretty damn ironic as a few years later Behroyan is involved in the Haddad's stinking Celery Root scam.
In another ironic bum twister, the dopey crooked realtor association spanked Mousavy for outing the fukkin fraud of Behroyan.
In another ironic bum twister, the wicked crooked realtor association spanked Mousavy for outing the fukkin fraud of Behroyan.
Behrohan was banned for 5 years, but promptly appealed and has been doing the same thing for years.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

BCSC asset freezes against BridgeMark scammers fine

A judge has upheld the constitutionality of asset freeze orders that the B.C. Securities Commission imposed against the Bridgemark group, which the regulator is pursuing over improper share issuances. Members of the group had complained that BCSC asset freezes infringe on their expectation of privacy. The judge, however, has determined that there is no such expectation with the asset freezes. The finding comes as part of a case that the BCSC has been pursuing against Anthony Jackson and others since November, 2018.

Friday, July 16, 2021

EquiALT Ponzi scheme done like dinner

EquiALT Ponzi schemers Brian Davison, managing director Barry Rybicki along with Tony James and Michael Kelly are accused of bilking $170m from more than 1,100 investors. They are having their assets auctioned off, including 300 properties, multi-million dollar luxury cars and $10m in jewelry. Their fraud was 'underperforming real estate' with the promise of 'generous returns.' Some of the money went to pay off new investors while the remaining millions funded their lavish lifestyles. The scammers enjoyed expensive vacations, jewelry and multi-million dollar cars and homes.
One of the prized assets is a 2018 Pagani Huayra. It is expected to sell for $2.2m to $2.4m.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Lumber prices correct

The lumber market wiped out 2021 gains, with futures trading at $550 per thousand board feet.
The US Producer Price Index (PPI) increased 1.0 percent in June, after rising 0.8 percent in May. US producer prices rose 7.3% so far this year.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

CannTrust Holdings criminals in deep chit

CannTrust Holdings' former CEO Peter Aceto, former board chair Eric Paul and former director Mark Litwin face a number of charges, including fraud, related to the company's illegal cannabis-growing scandal. They could face up to five years in jail if convicted in a quasi-criminal case led by the OSC. Eric Paul
Mark Litwin
CannTrust illegally grew millions of dollars worth of cannabis over a 10-month period in 2018 and 2019. During that time, the three did not disclose that half of the growing space at the company's facility in Pelham, Ont. was not licensed. The three men face charges including fraud, insider trading, making misleading statements to the OSC and the market, and issuing false prospectus documents.

Monday, April 19, 2021

MEAT.c crashing

The latest numbers revealed a massive loss exceeding $5m on nada revenues to speak of. HERE. Latest news is of a puny $1m raise, and that surely won't last long. Much has been spewed by Antony Jackson's sister, like the 'Urban Fare' and Jim Pattison Group lies, and none of it is coming true.

What a shocking surprise from the BridgeMark group.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Bitcoin nears record before largest U.S. crypto exchange listing

On March 13, Bitcoin reached a record of US$61,742. The cryptocurrency is up almost ninefold in the past year. Digital-token exchange Coinbase Global Inc. is due to go public on the Nasdaq on April 14, the first listing of its kind. Goldman Sachs is close to offering investment vehicles for Bitcoin and other digital assets to private wealth clients. Morgan Stanley plans to give rich clients access to three funds that will enable crypto ownership.
The overall value of more than 6,600 coins tracked by CoinGecko recently surpassed US$2 trillion.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Tether - Crypto Crime

Tether finds itself in the crosshairs of a fraud investigation by the New York Attorney General’s office. Multiple lawsuits have been consolidated into one class action alleging fraud by Tether and related Bitfinex.

Apparent losses of $850m is appearing to flow from co-mingled client and corporate funds. This is securities and commodities fraud.

In July founder Brock Pierce said he no longer owns any Tether stablecoin.
Bitfinex and Tether claim that the money is tied up in a series of asset freezes being enforced by multiple foreign governments. That claim may be tested soon as criminal indictments are expected any day.

The so called 'digital asset' appears headed for more troubled waters.

Friday, March 19, 2021

10 Year US treasury bond is screaming

Interest rates are getting jacked out of control and its every day. There is a massive huge problem in that current Cdn mortgage interest rates and the source of those funds, 10 year US bond yeilds are at a 14 month high. They are not aligned correctly and it's getting worse. There MUST be a very large increase in domestic mortgage rates immediately. Half a point is likely not enough.

Friday, March 5, 2021

GPB Capital Holdings

The US Securities and Exchange Commission charged GPB Capital Holdings and three executives with defrauding over 17,000 retail investors in a Ponzi scheme that raised over $1.7bn. David Gentile, CEO, Jeffry Schneider and Jeffrey Lash are accused of falsifying financial statements and creating back-dated performance guarantees to show income that did not exist. Gentile bought a Ferrari with investor funds.
Investor funds were spent on private planes, luxury vacations and millions funneled into personal bank accounts.
Scientologist-owned GPB Capital Holding’s former Chief Compliance Officer Michael Cohn is on trial. While working as an examiner in the compliance section of the SEC, Cohn leaked details of the criminal investigation to GPB’s executives, including Scientologist David Gentile.
Between 2017 and 2019, companies controlled by members of Scientology bought about 100 downtown Tampa Bay properties for $103m. Where the cash came from isn't clear.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

10 year US treasuries jacked

The U.S. 10-year Treasury yield sat around 1.5% after popping to 1.61% last week. The surge in bond yields pressured stocks with concerns of borrowing costs and inflation.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Ant Group IPO halt a big deal

Investors who put in bids worth a record $3 trillion in China’s Ant group were stuffed after regulators abruptly suspended what would have been the world’s largest stock market debut.

Ant Group (蚂蚁金服), formerly known as Ant Financial and Alipay, is an affiliate of the Alibaba Group. Ant Financial is the world's highest-valued FinTech company, and most valuable unicorn (start-up) company, with a valuation over US$150b. In March 2019, The Wall Street Journal reported that Ant's flagship market fund was the biggest in the world, with over 588 million users of Ant's mobile payments network Alipay. That is more than a third of China's population.
China blocked the fintech giant's $37 billion listing. It's a serious blow to the company founded by billionaire and Alibaba (BABA.N) co-founder Jack Ma. China’s financial regulators are taking aim at the company’s lucrative online lending business.

A huge number of small retail investors have caused a tidal wave of demand.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Beleave Inc. (BE.c - delisted) will pay $2.4m

Bojan Krasic
Former public cannabis company Beleave Inc. (BE.c - delisted) will pay $2.4m to burnt investors from insurance, following admission of ‘conduct abusive to B.C.’s capital markets.’ Former CEO Andrew Wnek and CFO Bojan Krasic reached the settlement after the company filed for bankruptcy. Beleave issued $10m worth of securities in April and June of 2018 to the BridgeMark group. Beleave then issued news releases touting the great public interest.
Andrew Wnek

Saturday, December 26, 2020

MEAT.c books massive large $5.1m loss for 2020

Unknown precisely how exactly Terrible Tara actually accomplished such a thing. Film at 11:00 and holy snapping azzholes we say. (literally)

Saturday, December 19, 2020

ESE Entertainment Inc - ESE.c - Konrad Marion Wasiela - Update V

The 3 month numbers ended July 2020 from Konrad Marion Wasiela reveal $400k for 'consulting', much of that going straight into his own pocket. (at least $135k in 9 months) Its surely appearing these terds are claiming tax refunds on their too copious 'consulting'.

'Wages and benefits' of $67k to go along with 'Professional fees' of $88k. The advertising number was $75k then, certainly over $100k now. Add it all up and we're talking $200k out the window every month. A nut of $2.4m for a co with no revenues to speak of? There is a 'revenue' number of $ 137k, but this appears to be shown as 'deferred income' and/or in the 'prepaid' of over $100k. In other words no cash has changed hands.
Daily news today is about (C-NVEI) Nuvei Corp ... "payments in the e-sports arena is a significant opportunity," said Konrad Wasiela, CEO of ESE. "Nuvei provides us with a world-class transaction platform, a critical piece in further monetizing our e-sports and gaming assets globally." Thats great, but since this co has no assets and no clear means of income, WTF is Konrad spewing of? "We also look forward to presenting Nuvei logo placement on our professional e-sports team jerseys, apparel and select digital assets in the upcoming year." Super duper, how many zillions is that bringing in? The simple fact is NRs with no numbers attached are 'worth' nada thing.
Latest to emerge is snow boarder Zac Dolesky. Whom does this pup work for? Konrad and ESE.v ain't saying for some reason. Very naturally we had to find out why.

Our boy's anus is planted with Varshney Capital HERE (Note - Dolesky was removed a day after this post. Link is to a cached page. Multiple searches return the same info. HERE) Loyal readers will remember well the very direct involvement of Praveen (Vareen) Varshney in Jessie/Mikie's GOOD.v scam. GOOD.v could not even spell their dope director's name correctly. THIS TIME Praveen (Vareen) has a little stupid white boy nominee to hold the crooked bag.
Zac a doodle is the name when, on July 21, 2019, ESE.v issued 21,999,999 common shares at a price of $0.005 per share for total proceeds of $110,000.
Wayne SilverA huge upsurge in SP on ridiculous 'news' and this observer began to dig. "ESE Entertainment Inc. has signed a letter of intent to acquire the assets of World Phoning Group Inc. and Encore Telecom Inc." The man touted is Wayne Silver, described as "President of Encore Telecom Inc. and President of Navatalk. In 1994 he also founded Phonetime a USD 300 Million public company (TSX:TEL)."

Phonetime is part of TELLza. TEL.t last traded in 2018 after a CRA tax fraud amounting to $17.5m. From Jan 2015 to Oct 2016 Tellza claimed fraudulent refunds of $12.4m. "TORONTO, Nov. 26, 2018 -- Tellza Inc. (“Tellza” or the “Company”) (TSX:TEL) announced today that it received a notice of (re) assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) denying input tax credit previously claimed by the Company related to an audit commenced by the CRA in 2016 together with Gross Negligence Penalties and arrears interest charges totaling to $17.5 million."
Konrad Wasiela Next stop was the management prepared ESE.v financials, which reveal Konrad Wasiela is claiming $58,928 in HST/PST refunds for the 9 months ended July 31, 2020. That would require purchases (with HST/PST attached) exceeding $1.2m. For the 3 months ended July 31, the single greatest outlay was 'consulting' and that was $400k. NO HST/PST appears to have been paid on the 'consulting'. Konrad Wasiela is paid $15k per month in consulting fees. A co incorporated in Jan 2019 called ZDK Holdings Ltd. is pulling $13k every month in consulting. (Wages are running $20k per month)

ESE.v has never reported a cent in revenues since inception. Tax refunds are the company's SOLE income.
Naturally there is more. ALL the websites involved, including ESE.v, are free wordpress blogs. They are identical in that they use the same template. One simply changes the text and pictures from one to the next. The free ESE.v website is billed for $11,300. The Phonetime website was last updated over 4 years ago, around the time of the CRA audit.

As for Mr. Silver, the founder of it all, his one page Encore Telecom website is here A huge number of grammar errors on a one page site and an e-mail that doesn't work. This from a co touted as generating $12.9m per year and with 'double digit growth' from the VoIP space and/or Romanian call center.
What say we? The misrepresentations are numerous and extremely obvious. This co has NOT spent $1.3m on taxable goods/services in 9 months and is entitled to no refund from taxpayers. Its the co's own numbers saying this.
Michael Vazquez, Tellza Communications Inc., CEO. Phone +954-624-8143 Email: mike@tellza.comIts called fraud and it is perfectly in keeping with the background of the players who have stolen millions before from Canadian taxpayers and who are doing it again.

In 2016, Tellza exchanged its interest in certain receivables and assets for 13m shares of Next Group Holdings Inc. (OTCQB:NXGH)
Anuj Sethi, Tellza Communications Inc., President
A sure fire, 100% guaranteed way to get this observer's hackles raised is to fuk with the presentation. The presentation is CRITICAL ongoing disclosure, and for Venture chit a body MUST be aware of it. Over 95% of public companies produce a presentation, usually quarterly. If there is no presentation at all that is a large red flag. Poland based ESE Entertainment Inc. ESE.c (HERE) is purportedly 'into' the online gaming space. That's open to debate as Co hasn't reported a single cent in gross revenues, ever.
Konrad Wasiela ( has a form he expects public types to fill out, after which a presentation will be forthcoming. Trouble is that is an open lie. I tried 2 different e-mail addresses over months and received nothing, not even an acknowledgement. Lately I even requested it direct from Konrad. NADA. Now I can accuse Konrad Wasiela of lying and nobody can dispute it.

It gets worse. This co has blown $75k+ on advertising in 9 months, presumably so that MORE people will request the non-existent presentation. It is also blowing thousands every month on a market maker, which is patently ludicrous.

And it gets worse. Konrad flipped off $400k to 'consultants' in months and the numbers reveals this co is insolvent already and blowing money it doesn't even have. Buyer beware indeed, but Konrad Wasiela takes it all new levels. This space cannot imagine anybody being impressed by this man or his grotesquely insulting rubbish. HERE It would be far too kind to call him incompetent.
Ryan MaarschalkNext up is director Ryan Maarschalk who is billed as the former CFO of 1933 Industries (TGIF.c) ... "which went private to public and over $120mm+ market cap." Anybody care to bet on accuracy of this? No?

With 318m out and a SP of $.06 the MC for TGIF is $7.2m. That's highly generous considering this co just booked a $22m loss for 2020.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Tara Haddad's 'Holiday Bundle' sells out in 3 days - MEAT.c

Santa got bad news today as Terrible Tara has announced the 'Holiday Bundle' is sold out, and she announced that ARESOME new product on Friday too. Poor Santa won't be rolling the bones on Salmonella after all. This observer knows petrid elephant shit when he sees it. (@ $35 per log?)
Terrible Tara's track record of 'selling out' is truly amazing, in fact, we can say EVERY elephant terd from this grotesque joke has flown off the fukkin shelves. What amazing performance. The daily news today is about 'Modern Gyoza', and holy snappin assholes (literally) ... "We expect the revenues from the gyoza to be significant to our balance sheet."