Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Fraser Valley Hop - Update II

So you have taken the first step and want in on this 100% pure guaranteed hop-a-doodle-doo money spinner. And if ONE hops plant is gonna make you filthy rich you sure as chit need a few thousand of em. Butt (_*_) not so fast there poochus-face. This enterprise doesn't accept just ANY OLD public piece of chit off the street, you gotta agree to mucho fine print to protect the scuzzybag anushole ripping you off stupid, including disclosing anything about the scam to anybody, GASP!

This entire 'agreement' is a total joke, much like this insulting scamola. Don't laugh folks, there are people out there who will swallow this fully fraudulent rubbish.

Alex Blackwell
Ain't no stopping us now citizens as we expose that which is reeking mightily already. Say howdy to 'farmer' Mr. Alex Blackwell of Blackwell Capital Corp. And before you open that poochie trap you best read his biblical (and laughable) disclaimers ... "Contents are provided for general information purposes only and do not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any Security in any jurisdiction. Blackwell Capital Corp, Alex Blackwell, Teya Blackwell, or it's affiliated employee's, sub-contractors, partners in any capacity does not intend to solicit and IS not soliciting, any action with respect to any Security or any other contractual relationship with Blackwell Capital Corp, Alex Blackwell, Teya Blackwell, or it's affiliated employee's, sub-contractors, partners in any capacity." Is that all? Fork no, check it out ...
Teya Blackwell
Our info so far is that these overachievers are brand spanking new to hops and planted for the first time on some chit ground they, but nobody else, calls a farm. Combined hops industry experience is zero, which may explain why the 'expert' Mr. John Briner has a hand here. (His involvement was confirmed by Fraser Valley Hop Farms.)
So whats the latest in Vancouver Ponzi Schemes you ask? Lets put em together for Fraser Valley Hop Farms who have imagined a business model that simply cannot fail ... hops by golly and WTF is the matter with you for not getting in on this pure money spinner yesterday?

Key is something called the 'MyHops platform' which is a totally wicked arsesome technology you'll never understand.

Bestus part poochie? These boyz are gonna throw in a 'anticipated earnings calculator' for free, holy fork!
'MyHops platform' "ties together different sensors, connected devices, and farming facilities, MyHops is a technology product exclusively sponsored by Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc." As near as I can figure, these dopes will let public types 'buy' baby hop plants for $ 10 and then grow them at which point the public type will have something 'worth' $ 30 someday. Everybody getting this?

It's "an innovative commercial application to optimize, organize and maximize earnings."
And it gets better citizen. Anybody spending any time on Venture scammers needs no introduction to disbarred K9 Mr. John D. Briner. Truly that track record of open fraud and theft cannot be matched. So what did Mr. Briner 'do' after he was finally drummed outta law? He became a hops salesman. Then he ripped off his employer's customer list and went into business for himself.

A few moons later we have Fraser Valley Hop Farms running a scam from a ridiculously toney DT hi-rise office. And one other thing. Photos (and videos) stolen from that employer are plastered all over Fraser Valley Hop Farms propaganda.