Saturday, February 3, 2018

Graham "Punchy" Harris

Here's an easy one for folks and illustrated by career horrid Venture K9 Mr. Graham Harris who at the time was at the helm of Redhill Resources (formerly ATW Gold). He's now an 'expert' at lithium or something totally preposterous.

Whenever professional dopes are reduced to reporting their discoveries in PPM (parts per million) a body knows well enough they are dusters. WHY this lame horsechit keeps getting retried is amazing to me. "Redhill drills six m of 2,645 ppm Cu at Aspen"
And why do we call Mr. Harris (Hairless) 'Punchy'?
"The California Investment Conference put on by the Cambridge House folks in Palm Springs had a moment of old-school drama, with Redhill Resources chairman Graham Harris punching the Mercenary Geologist newsletter writer Mickey Fulp in the face during the conference’s morning session.

As Fulp bled heavily from a cut on his nose, Harris returned to his Redhill booth before being taken away by police, though no charges were reportedly filed at Fulp’s request. Fulp was later photographed with a large bandage on his nose.
The dispute apparently stemmed from unsubstantiated accusations by Harris that Fulp had been anonymously trashing him online. The Redhill booth went unmanned for the rest of the show."

Mr Harris has a long and indisputable career of separating extremely stupid people from their money. Over and over and over again. Red Hill eventually morphed into Millennial Lithium Corp. ML.v. Most recently Mr. Graham Harris appeared as a director on new listing M2 Cobalt Corp. MC.v