Monday, May 7, 2018

Kevin McArthur NOT a professional Clown - Update

Tahoe Resources (THO.t) has experienced all manner of horrid circumstance with paper sewering in response. Latest and greatest are numbers which reveal what happens exactly when entrenched types loot a public company fully stupid. Co booked a nearly $ 7m loss for the last quarter and look NO FURTHER than G&A expenses that continue their upward spiral DESPITE the negative reality of a co on the ropes.
And where might all these ridiculous expenses be coming from? Some have suggested nepotism and/or full-on puzzy whipism for much of the problem. And who can be faulted for thinking so? Tahoe Resources having an expensive office in Reno for no particular reason gives fuel for the fire. So too does having management positions at the Co filled with folks with zero experience nor qualification, save their friendship with the main man's little woman.
So we pride ourselves on accuracy, journalistic integrity, and advanced doctorism. With this in mind we APOLOGIZE to all the professional clowns out there. Professional clowns make kiddies and their parents laugh, Mr. Kevin McArthur makes them cry. Besides that I am informed Mr. McArthur flunked the professional clown test final.

SO again, I humbly apologize to all professional clowns for defaming you by association.
"Tahoe is undertaking a review of its policies and practices to ensure alignment with the UNGC's 10 principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption."