Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Richard A. Kelertas Revisited

Going through old poop is a reminder of all manner of wicked K9ery. Mr. Kelertas pizzed us off mightily when he WAS an ANALyst with Dundee Capital Markets and fell over himself like a wicked retard in the pure dopey defense of what turned out to be a major league scamola Sino-Forest Corporation. (TSX: TRE) Boyo eventually got shown the door for that wonderful work and then moved on to ANOTHER lost cause Allana Potash.(AAA.v) That junk turned out slightly better, but rank and file still got a hooping.

Whats Ricky up to these days? A string of job hoping and now he's apparently a salaried dorkus at Resolute Forest Products. Don't give up yer day job Ricky. Pfffft.

Richard A. Kelertas
So everybody has a favourite so called "ANALyst", and we have loved to hate Mr. Richard Kelertas for his vast verbal stupidity during the Tre-X scamola. Its one thing to be a paid conflicted paid apologist for a wicked large scam and quite another to dismiss the allegations as "complete krap". Time has proven what is made of krap.