Friday, February 16, 2018

Tenorm at Florence

So we have scientific data directly from not only the Florence Copper project, but from other in-situ leach operations in AZ as well.

Critically important not only for the stunning conclusions, but because "base-line" background radiation is known for a certainty at the site.

There is NOTHING comparable to the extremely high concentrations of radiochemicals at the Florence Copper project.

Testing of the quartz monzonite in 1996 returned concentrations of radiochemicals FAR in excess of acceptable standards. (Table 18 page 49) (I cannot find concentrations higher anywhere else)

Sample Gross Alpha Gross Beta Total-U U-234 U-235 U-238 Ra-226 Ra-228 Rn-222
Leach Test
quartz monzonite
<2 810

And the rock solid, take it to the bank, black and white conclusion of the experts at the EPA and ADEQ?

"These data indicate that the PLS produced from the Magma Florence in-situ projects contain very high levels of radionuclides and that they are leachable."

The general conclusion remains ... "The data show that dump leaching operations and solvent extraction-electrowinning procedures, as well as the practice of recycling raffinate at copper mines, may extract and concentrate soluble radioactive materials. The results show increases of up to two orders of magnitude over background levels for all radiochemicals tested except Rn-222."

On other fronts Curis Resources has, of course, gotten the personal information about the poster "ErinG" from Stockhouse. As stated before, the Stockhouse "braintrust" does not oppose these applications.