Sunday, May 13, 2018

Trouble in Aubrey Eveleigh Land - Zenyatta Ventures - ZEN.v - Update

Aubrey Eveleigh is now out of a job and so are his cadre of hangers-on as the dissidents have obliterated the dopes 'running' the co. It isn't often these revolts can be pulled off. Dopey McDope Eveleigh fanning the flames at the 11th hour when he ought to have known he had no support says a great deal. Critical error from a K9 that should go back to kicking over rocks and leave business to the grown men.

Kudos to the dissidents, wet noodle to AE and his repulsive ilk.
Aubrey Eveleigh figures to step down as CEO, get big severance, then resign a new agreement at 225k per as President. For some reason this deal of the century hasn't slowed the calls for his royal massive fukkin highness genius self to take a damn hike already.

What a world eh Aubrey? Truly this here news release is one for the ages ... it gets more hilarious with every pass.®ion=C
Career rock mutt Aubrey Eveleigh has savages circling his wagons these days ... "On March 2, 2018, a group of concerned shareholders of Zenyatta Ventures Ltd. delivered a second requisition to the company and its directors requisitioning a special meeting of shareholders in order to elect a new, shareholder-friendly board slate.

The meeting is being called to remove four incumbent directors, Aubrey Eveleigh, Barry Allan, Sean Whiteford and Keith Morrisson, and replace them with three qualified and experienced nominees: Dr. Francis Dube OD, BSc, Eric Wallman CPA, CA, and Brian Bosse, CFA.

What say we? Mr. Eveleigh has personified the chronic inability of career Venture rock mutts to make the transition to running a public company. Is Mr. Eveleigh 'good' at running a public company? Nope, not at all, he couldn't 'develop' a pimple on his buttock.

And to bring something like graphite to the world stage? Not in this lifetime. It is to laugh.