Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Eric Sprott rolls the bones on Pilbara Placer

Things have been rolling along nicely for Pacton Gold (PAC.v) ever since Mr. Eric Sprott took a modest (for him) stake in a $5.5m PP.

PAC is all about Pilbara placer, something of growing interest ever since Novo Resources Inc - NVO.v started consolidating ground.

Latest is the result of bulk samples by NVO, which, despite a very acceptable 10gm/ton, were seen as disappointing.
Mr. Sprott made a massive, massive large fortune through the Timminco solar cell promotion. Most recently he has been convinced of the merits of Voiesy's Bay potential of GGI.v.

Retail players are watching whatever Sprott does with extreme interest and it shows.
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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Brett 'the Hobbit' Matich - Update IX - 'staunchly focussed' Vectorism crashes

Brett 'the Hobbit' Matich has seen stakeholder 'value' evaporate. Go figure and what a shocking development. To this day there is ZERO internet presence for PP player "Folkston Investments Ltd." and that is yet another massive large red flag having a name CLOSE TO but not exactly something of merit.
Brett Baby has been motivated to announce the CANCELLATION of his totally aresome 'binding' Colombian deal, butt, worry not poochie, he has ... "identified numerous exploration opportunities in Colombia, both in base and precious metals." Oh Yeah.
We have modified our Matich promotional video slightly, oh yeah.

So as another deadline related to a 'binding' property deal comes and goes without a fukkin word from the Hobbit one looks back on Matich's massive success with Crap-Ex. (CEV.v, now MLG.v) Dopey Matich figured he knew all about touting worthless paper to idiot Canadians the moment he set foot here.

Brett Matich reports

Cap-Ex Ventures Ltd. is retracting the statements from its Nov. 23 news release, stating: "Block 103 appears to host a multibillion-tonne near-surface iron ore deposit" and "All 17 holes ... have encountered a sequence of ore-grade mineralization."
The Hobbit has announced (not yet closed) a financing from some completely unknown retard(s). "a non-brokered private placement of up to 25 million units at a price of 15 cents per unit to raise gross proceeds of up to $3.75-million. Each unit will consist of one common share of the company and one-half of one transferable share purchase warrant. Each whole warrant shall be exercisable to acquire one additional common share of the company for a period of two years at a price of 25 cents per warrant share."

And what else is 'new'? Latest and greatest deadline for 'binding' property deal is Monday. Pffft.
'Value Creation' skills of the Hobbit have no description, probably because it's never happened in his entire, very long, 'career'.
The Hobbit's big floppy trap continues 100% unabated and yet again this flaming stupidity is all about a property that Matich and/or this co doesn't own. "We continue to be persistently focused on our objective of pioneering the world's next copper frontier".

Anybody impressed? This analyst figures the Hobbit is likely marching straight into a major-league, global Colombian cocaine production area.
Our Hobbit's Da Da Paul Matich has been mentioned vis-a-vis a developing story on Australia listed Tribune Resources. Paul Matich is a former director of Tribune. Stay tuned folks, this story might be one of the largest scam-yer-doodles in a looooooong time.
Latest fact finding on Brett Matich's latest promo for dopos is sort of like kissing your mother-in-law. Sure you'll get it over with but it sure ain't anything you'd seek out. I wuz curious how the Hobbit can wax poetic about a property this goof company technically doesn't own. It's about a 'binding' LOI and no surprise that ground came cheap. (12m worthless shares and staged cash).

Entire 'due diligence' is about some rock dog collecting grab samples for a couple days. That, and copious bullchit is all the Hobbit needs. It appears all DD and a 'binding' agreement was SUPPOSED to be done at the end of last month. "The Company will provide further updates regarding the contemplated Acquisition within 30 days following the issuance of this press release." That was February 26th, so, what gives?
NOW we have .... "On April 2, 2018, the due diligence period was extended to April 30, 2018."
Upshot? 100% pure rubbish from 100% pure Venture scuzzybags. How about a dozen 'extensions' so that the Hobbit can lure even more public suckers using a property these wicked dickheads don't even own.
Brett 'the Hobbit' Matich has once again released old 'news'. "The 19 metres averaging 3.21% copper supports the 3.16% copper over 22.9 metre obtained by Colombian Mines Corporation during its 2008 program." This ain't 'news', but it is an opportunity for a career securities mutt to spew stupidity. "successfully vector us in to previously unknown bedrock copper mineralization. We remain staunchly focussed on our object of Pioneering the World's Next Copper Frontier." Fuk off Mr. Matich.

Clive 'Curly' Massey
Today we have the news of a new CFO at juggernaut Max Resource Corp. MXR.v.

One of Mr. Alexander Helmel's many, many venture stops was the failed shell of horrid monkey-man Clive 'Curly' Massey - Wildfire Capital Corp. ( WIF.v). That jokus from a joker was supposed to be about pot but has been halted since last July. Odds are better than average it's never coming back. And naturally Curly is intimate with Graham 'Punchy' Harris and Andrew 'Bumring' Bowering. Birds of common feather flock together and Mr. Brett Matich has found his pliant bird brains for his latest  fraud on the public.

Do we have any evidence of skullduggery? First past the post is the inordinate number of crosses and the participation of 'anonymous' in daily trades. This is done to give the appearance of interest in a PoS.
15:49:42V0.242,0007 TD Sec1 AnonymousK
15:49:27O0.241,0001 Anonymous1 AnonymousK
15:49:27H0.241,0001 Anonymous1 AnonymousK
15:49:27V0.247,0007 TD Sec1 AnonymousK
15:00:59V0.247,0007 TD Sec7 TD SecK
14:56:52X0.241,0002 RBC1 AnonymousK
14:56:52V0.2450.0053,0002 RBC1 AnonymousK
14:56:52V0.2450.0055002 RBC1 AnonymousK
14:56:52V0.2450.0055002 RBC1 AnonymousK
14:56:52V0.245,0002 RBC85 ScotiaKL
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Thursday, May 17, 2018

John Briner associate Diane D. Dalmy jailed for 3 years

Vancouver-linked lawyer Diane Dalmy has been given three years in jail for her part in a pump-and-dump scheme that inflicted $10-million in losses on investors. In addition to the jail term, she must serve three years of supervised release and is subject to a $2-million restitution order. The jail term comes after Ms. Dalmy pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge. She admitted that she wrote fraudulent legal opinion letters that allowed others to receive tradeable shares in several companies. Her participation allowed those behind the fraud to make $5.6-million, according to the government.

"The SEC recently filed a lawsuit against me on the basis of legal opinions written for shareholders of a former client, and my sale of stock received as sole compensation for my services. See SEC v. Zenergy International, Inc., No. 1:13-CV-5511 (N.D. Ill. August. 1, 2013). I wrote these opinions in good faith based on information I believed to be reliable and accurate at the time. I had no knowledge of the disciplinary backgrounds of the individuals I was dealing with."

"I certainly had no knowledge of the ultimate “pump and dump” scheme alleged to have occurred after my services ended. I deny and dispute the SEC’s allegations, which are contrary to my good reputation."

Brent Pierce
"Ms. Dalmy has a developed quite a reputation for aiding and abetting public companies which have been subjects of Pump & Dumps and the dubious promoters that enable them. Amongst her "partners in crime" is Vancouver lawyer and SEC target, John Briner who has been banned from the OTC markets for stock manipulation. Briner is famous for arranging the sale of Pink Sheet and Bulletin Board shells to people of questionable character and has worked for several years with Dalmy. Together and apart, the pair has been involved in dozens of schemes on the Vancouver market as well as the Pink Sheets and OTC Bulletin Board, writing many a dubious legal opinion resulting in millions of dollars lost by thousands of investors. Several of their clients have been charged by the SEC for securities fraud, as has Mr. Briner. Ms. Dalmy has managed to be slippery enough to avoid charges-- so far."

Dalmy has also been associated with well known promoter and another SEC target, Brent Pierce, who has run dozens of scams out of his Vancouver office.
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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Trouble in Aubrey Eveleigh Land - Zenyatta Ventures - ZEN.v - Update

Aubrey Eveleigh is now out of a job and so are his cadre of hangers-on as the dissidents have obliterated the dopes 'running' the co. It isn't often these revolts can be pulled off. Dopey McDope Eveleigh fanning the flames at the 11th hour when he ought to have known he had no support says a great deal. Critical error from a K9 that should go back to kicking over rocks and leave business to the grown men.

Kudos to the dissidents, wet noodle to AE and his repulsive ilk.
Aubrey Eveleigh figures to step down as CEO, get big severance, then resign a new agreement at 225k per as President. For some reason this deal of the century hasn't slowed the calls for his royal massive fukkin highness genius self to take a damn hike already.

What a world eh Aubrey? Truly this here news release is one for the ages ... it gets more hilarious with every pass.®ion=C
Career rock mutt Aubrey Eveleigh has savages circling his wagons these days ... "On March 2, 2018, a group of concerned shareholders of Zenyatta Ventures Ltd. delivered a second requisition to the company and its directors requisitioning a special meeting of shareholders in order to elect a new, shareholder-friendly board slate.

The meeting is being called to remove four incumbent directors, Aubrey Eveleigh, Barry Allan, Sean Whiteford and Keith Morrisson, and replace them with three qualified and experienced nominees: Dr. Francis Dube OD, BSc, Eric Wallman CPA, CA, and Brian Bosse, CFA.

What say we? Mr. Eveleigh has personified the chronic inability of career Venture rock mutts to make the transition to running a public company. Is Mr. Eveleigh 'good' at running a public company? Nope, not at all, he couldn't 'develop' a pimple on his buttock.

And to bring something like graphite to the world stage? Not in this lifetime. It is to laugh.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Kevin McArthur NOT a professional Clown - Update

Tahoe Resources (THO.t) has experienced all manner of horrid circumstance with paper sewering in response. Latest and greatest are numbers which reveal what happens exactly when entrenched types loot a public company fully stupid. Co booked a nearly $ 7m loss for the last quarter and look NO FURTHER than G&A expenses that continue their upward spiral DESPITE the negative reality of a co on the ropes.
And where might all these ridiculous expenses be coming from? Some have suggested nepotism and/or full-on puzzy whipism for much of the problem. And who can be faulted for thinking so? Tahoe Resources having an expensive office in Reno for no particular reason gives fuel for the fire. So too does having management positions at the Co filled with folks with zero experience nor qualification, save their friendship with the main man's little woman.
So we pride ourselves on accuracy, journalistic integrity, and advanced doctorism. With this in mind we APOLOGIZE to all the professional clowns out there. Professional clowns make kiddies and their parents laugh, Mr. Kevin McArthur makes them cry. Besides that I am informed Mr. McArthur flunked the professional clown test final.

SO again, I humbly apologize to all professional clowns for defaming you by association.
"Tahoe is undertaking a review of its policies and practices to ensure alignment with the UNGC's 10 principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption."