Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Eric Sprott rolls the bones on Pilbara Placer

Things have been rolling along nicely for Pacton Gold (PAC.v) ever since Mr. Eric Sprott took a modest (for him) stake in a $5.5m PP.

PAC is all about Pilbara placer, something of growing interest ever since Novo Resources Inc - NVO.v started consolidating ground.

Latest is the result of bulk samples by NVO, which, despite a very acceptable 10gm/ton, were seen as disappointing.
Mr. Sprott made a massive, massive large fortune through the Timminco solar cell promotion. Most recently he has been convinced of the merits of Voiesy's Bay potential of GGI.v.

Retail players are watching whatever Sprott does with extreme interest and it shows.
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