Thursday, May 17, 2018

John Briner associate Diane D. Dalmy jailed for 3 years

Vancouver-linked lawyer Diane Dalmy has been given three years in jail for her part in a pump-and-dump scheme that inflicted $10-million in losses on investors. In addition to the jail term, she must serve three years of supervised release and is subject to a $2-million restitution order. The jail term comes after Ms. Dalmy pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge. She admitted that she wrote fraudulent legal opinion letters that allowed others to receive tradeable shares in several companies. Her participation allowed those behind the fraud to make $5.6-million, according to the government.

"The SEC recently filed a lawsuit against me on the basis of legal opinions written for shareholders of a former client, and my sale of stock received as sole compensation for my services. See SEC v. Zenergy International, Inc., No. 1:13-CV-5511 (N.D. Ill. August. 1, 2013). I wrote these opinions in good faith based on information I believed to be reliable and accurate at the time. I had no knowledge of the disciplinary backgrounds of the individuals I was dealing with."

"I certainly had no knowledge of the ultimate “pump and dump” scheme alleged to have occurred after my services ended. I deny and dispute the SEC’s allegations, which are contrary to my good reputation."

Brent Pierce
"Ms. Dalmy has a developed quite a reputation for aiding and abetting public companies which have been subjects of Pump & Dumps and the dubious promoters that enable them. Amongst her "partners in crime" is Vancouver lawyer and SEC target, John Briner who has been banned from the OTC markets for stock manipulation. Briner is famous for arranging the sale of Pink Sheet and Bulletin Board shells to people of questionable character and has worked for several years with Dalmy. Together and apart, the pair has been involved in dozens of schemes on the Vancouver market as well as the Pink Sheets and OTC Bulletin Board, writing many a dubious legal opinion resulting in millions of dollars lost by thousands of investors. Several of their clients have been charged by the SEC for securities fraud, as has Mr. Briner. Ms. Dalmy has managed to be slippery enough to avoid charges-- so far."

Dalmy has also been associated with well known promoter and another SEC target, Brent Pierce, who has run dozens of scams out of his Vancouver office.
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