Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Bear Creek Mining Corp - BCM.v - Anthony Hawkshaw - Update I

Many moons ago I looked into Mr. Hawkshaw and left gagging, something notable in the 'worst of the worst' venture category. After a brief look I've decided NOT to get wound up again over this man's horrid ancient history. One can certainly understand WHY Mr. Hawkshaw needs to create a fictional story for his dopey public. Geezus.

Anyway. We point to the material of CFO Mr. Frank R. Tweddle. (https://www.bearcreekmining.com/corporate/directors-management/) Fukkin beautiful, with NO half-assed crooked attempts to mislead constituents/stakeholders.

And here's Hawkshaw propaganda from Regulus. Apparently THAT enterprise requires truth from it's mouthpieces. This one? https://www.regulusresources.com/corporate/board-directors/
Lets put em together for Mr. Anthony Hawkshaw and his recent promotion to chief retard of Bear Creek Mining Corp - BCM.v

First order of business for a wicked career Venture unmentionable is 150k in options, presumably a motivation for Mr. Hawkshaw to actually create value for once in that very long, very horrid career. We looked fairly deeply into Mr. Hawkshaw years ago and find his verbal stupidity stench now both insulting and false. Observe ... "Tony was a key contributor to the vision, strategy and growth of Rio Alto, which under his tenure grew from a TSXV-listed exploration company to a TSX- and NYSE-listed intermediate gold producer."

Strange Mr. Hawkshaw fails to mention the REAL constructor of La Arena, CEO Mr. Alex Black.

The ONLY claim to fame of Hawkshaw was taking down one of the highest CFO salaries in Canada for his total mediocrity.