Sunday, July 29, 2018

Garibaldi's Regoci/Lightfoot lay it on thick and deep for SprotTards - Update

So it was a whooping 15 week wait and it turns out these dopes drilled 15 consecutive dusters before desperately returning to the ore pod. Poked again, it was those holes spewed about, again, whilst the dusters weren't mentioned at all. Dopes revealed they are sitting on another 14 dusters. (nada 'visual results')
Click Upshot here is that GGI.v is very clearly a scam. Rogoci is a mutt that ought not be trusted to pick up dog chit.

Here's the latest, hot of the presses load of rubbish via a Lightfoot produced 'presentation'. And what an insulting gob of krap it is from a paid chitface.
Industry anti-hero and rightly so Mr. Steve Regoci announced his drill program June fukkin 8th and has about a zillion meters worth of 'visual results'. Not surprisingly that gaping word hole is dead silent this time around.

"as the company follows up on last fall's nickel-copper-rich massive sulphide discovery ..." Bullshit. Dopes redrilled an ore pod known since 1966.

"will test the scale of a massive sulphide discovery that's open in all directions." Fuk off crook, see above industry anti-hero.
"cutting-edge geophysical surveys including BHEM (borehole electromagnetics) which was a highly successful tool for us in 2017." There are major league securities tools in evidence Mr. Regoci, nobody will ever argue with you there.

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Monday, July 23, 2018

John Briner sued by ex-employer Chilliwack Hop Farms Ltd.

John Briner: "Did somebody say sue? I am willing to represent you, and while you are at it, I have some penny stocks you may be interested in! "Disbarred and disgraced Vancouver securities lawyer John Briner has new legal troubles as Chilliwack Hop Farms Ltd. is claiming that he used its money for his own benefit. The suit accuses Briner, 41, of breach of contract and fraud, among other things. Among those other things was the theft of their customer list.

The claim outlines misappropriation of over $90k. Briner used some of the money to pay down a mortgage on a property that his wife owns in Chilliwack. He is also alleged to have used proceeds to start his own hops business Northwest Hop Farms, according to the suit. Briner is setting up a ponzi scheme with that enterprise, see links.
Briner denies all, which he should be expert at by now. In a counterclaim filed on July 9, 2018, he claims that he "worked honestly and diligently to represent the interests of the Plaintiff" And that is a joke coming from the scumbag likes of Briner. He even claims to be owed MORE MONEY for his invaluable services. He goes on to claim that the allegations of fraud are "unsubstantiated and scandalous in nature" and were brought to damage his reputation. And that is too amazing considering Briner's 'reputation' to begin with.

The Law Society of British Columbia FINALLY disbarred Briner after $50,439 in client money went missing from his legal trust account. That action took place long after a very long, very revolting litany of securities crimes.
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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Canada Carbon CCB.v - Bert - Finder's Fees for aretards

Bert has pulled another one and we figured it out, ahuck. First stop is Canadian Insider, where we learn that in addition to a swack of dime options, Bert picked up 1.4m warrants at $ .11. That means he was the sole placee in a rock bottom PP @ $.08 in May. So whats the problem? Bert never disclosed he was the one providing the dough and he thereafter claimed $ 13k in 'finders fees'.

Those 'finders fees' come straight off the top and how precisely does the CEO 'find' himself? This monkey has no clue. What we do know is that this deal is on it's last legs and with scamagement like Bert and the little woman it's sure won't be long until insolvency.
Bert and the little woman's 'cottage'On other CCB.v fronts we have learned WHY every single drill hole has been a duster ... thanks to the krap dished up on the Co's own website. It's all about 'veins' and 'pods'. Riiiight.

While we're at this, how are Bert's OTHER deals doing? All at 52 week lows you guess? Damn, yer good.

EVG.o - Evolving Gold Corp. All of $40 on the bid at $ .085, the 52 week low. PRK.v - Potash Ridge bid $ .055, 52 week low $ .05.
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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Tinka Stinka - Mark Turner, Inca Kola

Latest news from Tinka Resources Limited - TK.v is all about another 1,235,499 common shares to the Big Man via options with an exercise price of 35 cents per share. Naturally, very, the man is such a big believer he sold off his free trading paper to pay for the new and improved cheap variety. That's roughly another quarter million bucks off the backs of dopey shareholders.

Mr. Mark Turner's track record is something to behold, truly. TK.v, R.v, CDB.v and I could go on (and on). Latest from MonkeyBoy occurred with drill results. Great timing, Big Man was more than ready eh. Paper sewering again and is still about 50% lower than level where 90% of Turner's brainless pumping occurred. Mark Turner is, by far, the biggest self-agrandizing idiot 'analyst' I have ever witnessed.

Jul 9/18Jul 6/18McKeown, BenedictDirect OwnershipOptions97 - Other-500,000
Jul 6/18Jul 6/18Carman, Graham DonaldDirect OwnershipCommon Shares51 - Exercise of options605,714$0.350
Jul 6/18Jul 6/18Carman, Graham DonaldDirect OwnershipOptions51 - Exercise of options-605,714
Jul 6/18Jul 3/18Carman, Graham DonaldDirect OwnershipCommon Shares11 - Disposition carried out privately-400,000$0.530
Jul 5/18Jul 3/18Fernandez-Baca, AlvaroDirect OwnershipCommon Shares51 - Exercise of options210,000$0.350
Jul 5/18Jul 3/18Fernandez-Baca, AlvaroDirect OwnershipOptions51 - Exercise of options-210,000
Jul 5/18Jun 29/18Fernandez-Baca, AlvaroDirect OwnershipCommon Shares10 - Disposition in the public market-20,000$0.540
Jul 5/18Jun 28/18Fernandez-Baca, AlvaroDirect OwnershipCommon Shares10 - Disposition in the public market-140,000$0.51
One of Mark Turner's sterling picks is Tinka Resources Limited - TK.v. Mucho attached to said deal is Sir Spewalot, so much so he unleashed torrents of highly outraged abuse after, gasp, somebody decided to sell, driving it down to sub $ .50. Instantly wonder boy called a heinous conspiracy and a massive large, wicked aresome 'buying opportunity'. Naturally, very, the paper continues it's downward spiral and today there is news of a bought deal financing at rock bottom.

Unknown who it is, precisely, who's taking the dead chitty advice of Mr. Mark Turner. This example is hardly unique. Another Turner road apple gem is total lost cause Red Eagle Mining. R.v. This is apparently all about zinc, and that means if you have zero understanding of zinc you best leave this chit alone. Apparently Mr. Turner is an 'expert' at anything he sets his mind to.
Tinka Resources Ltd. - TK.v is advancing the Colquipucro and Ayawilca projects located 40 km northwest of Cerro de Pasco in Central Peru.

Ayawilca is a large zinc sulphide project while Colquipucro is a silver oxide deposit.

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Friday, July 6, 2018

Anton Billis - Building the Chitpile part I

Michael Giovinazzo, right, greets ASIC investigators in April 2000Croatian born Anthony Byron Billis, Anton Billis, was sentenced to 29 months in 1996 for attempting to sell Rand shares while in bankruptcy, thus defrauding his creditors. Within days of his bankruptcy order Billis tried to sell a block of Rand (then Tern Minerals) to an associate at a deep discount. In 2004 a 4 year ASIC probe collapsed after laws used to charge Billis were repealed. 6 out of 7 charges were dropped. In June 2006 he was found not guilty on the last charges which included falsification of books and records.

In July 2013 Rand and Tribune were sitting on 106k ozs of physical gold valued at $170m. The two companies combined had a market cap of $ 85m. By July 2017 that hoard was 207,305 ozs. Supposing 250,000 ozs today we are talking about a growing $312m gold hoard.

Michael Giovinazzo and Anthony Byron Billis
Today Rand (RND) has 60m outstanding giving a market cap of $162.4m. Tribune (TBR) has 50m outstanding giving a mc of $ 320m. Financially the past 5 years have been kind to the Rand/Tribune duo.
Terence McLernon watching a pair of boneyard dogs
Last fiscal year ended in June. Appears next numbers, audited, come at end of September.It's been a pleasant $40m per year for Tribune and Rand ($16m) the last couple and the JV is doing just fine with another 1.5m+ ozs in the P&P pipeline at 5 to 8 gms/ton. Duo's stack of bullion (any way valued) is growing, up 21% year over year.