Monday, October 29, 2018

Taseko (TKO.t) and Florence Copper - Update

McPhie had the massive ballulars to call a swack of dead free dilution 'just paper' to Mark Turner. That's waving a red flag at a bull. 'Mike' also had the manstones to claim the free paper needed to be 'earned' even though 400k vested immediately. Pffffft.Latest and greatest from career K9 of Florence Copper infamy Micheal McPhie is a sure fire, can't possibly miss (for him) piece of pure chit called Prize Mining (PRZ.v)
The genesis of the 'in situ' Florence Copper Project was a 'stand-alone' piece of crap called Curis Resources, majority owned by Taseko. After borrowing (and blowing) something over $ 60m from the likes of Red Kite and getting absolutely nowhere, Curis was bought out by parent Taseko, who thereafter made good to Red Kite.

That deal was an offense to existing TKO stakeholders. That very minor issue didn't bother these boyos. And what else are these types up to? Well suing everybody they possibly can from internet posters to environmental groups to the Feds (taxpayers) for one. Anybody spending 23 seconds examining the HDI group's history would likely run, not walk away from these horrid K9s. (Yup HDI boyotards are behind Northern Dynasty too, pffft)
Teseko - TKO.t has been trying for many years to obtain an aquifer permit for an in-situ copper recovery (ISCR) operation. Used mainly for uranium extraction, the company has long touted ... "where a mixture of 99.5 percent water and 0.5 percent sulfuric acid dissolves copper into the bedrock. Then the copper solution is pumped to the surface and processed into copper cathode sheets. The pH of the water and sulfuric acid solution is similar to that of “common household vinegar.”

This is only half correct. The company will be recycling the raffinate, meaning the solution grows in concentration with each and every pass through the rock. When eventually processed it will be much more than "household vinegar".
From 1996 to 1998, the BHP Copper company developed the project on what is now part of Florence Copper’s site. They conducted a 90-day pilot test to see if the in-situ method worked on the site. Stacy Gramazio, Florence Copper’s manager of communications and public affairs, says that that test was successful.

And that is a dead deliberate lie. Even after being rinsed for over 22 months after a 90 day test more than 20 years ago, those holes still are still reporting unacceptable 'exceedances'. And the reason? Almost certainly because the copper ore is very highly radiometric ... so radiometric that they are the highest levels found anywhere in Arizona.
Bottom line? It was scientifically proven that the ISCR process WOULD leach highly radioactive contamination into the groundwater. (In fact every ISCR ever constructed has corrupted ground water) Has that stopped Taseko and their mindless paid minions?

There is NOTHING comparable to the extremely high concentrations of radiochemicals at the Florence Copper project. (Table 18 page 49)
 Sample quartz monzonite Leach Test

Gross Alpha
Gross Beta
Less 2

The take it to the bank, black and white conclusion of the experts at the EPA and ADEQ? " data indicate that the PLS produced from the Magma Florence in-situ projects contain very high levels of radionuclides and that they are leachable."