Friday, February 22, 2019

50kg has 6.2 grams free - Stockhouse Rubbish

This might be concentrate grade, certainly NOT sample grade."50kg has 6.2 grams free. Will be announced next week - it’s been circulating for the last 20 mins - word travels fast in the corrupt trading world of Vancouver - you can thank Clive and Blair for the info - not me but it’s true - have a great weekend - going to get hot"

Rarely does one give ANYTHING posted on Stockhouse relevance. This time perhaps. Brett Matich and his wicked horrid, far over the hill chitbag rock dog R. Tim Henneberry have spewed at length about 'new and improved' ways to release results.
R. Tim HenneberryClive in this case is the unspeakable Clive 'Curly' Massey, and Blair I believe is some paid monkey mouthpiece or other. This is good for more than a few reasons.

First it reveals how the scammers are preparing to fraudulently stroke the public's pee pee. That would be through releasing 'non-traditional' sampling 'news'. Second, if true, we have grossly flawed disclosure in that the conmen are spewing to SOME, but not ALL.