Friday, February 22, 2019

Brett 'the Hobbit' Matich - MXR.v - "gold-bearing conglomerate" - Update

It truly is amazing when career securities terds ramp up before distribution phase. Where else but on the VSE can a dope on the run from Australia dig a hole in cocaine country and then spew about "gold-bearing conglomerate from the six two-metre-by-two-metre-by-30-centimetre trial pits and the two outcrops." and "The continuing exploration success suggests Max may well be on the cusp of a new gold discovery". Riiiiight Brett baby. My anus is VERY highly prospective and on the 'cusp' for a major find too. Frankly the two projects are nearly identical IMO.
Click to enlargeBefore we raid the baby's college fund we best read the disclosure from the terds spreading the carefully prepared rubbish. " is compensated by public and private companies for PR and media, news submissions services, online conference participation fees from public companies and traditional online advertising." It ought to be noted the previous operator went bankrupt after mining the area out.
And one other minor thing. The bulk samples are 'plus 2,400 kilograms'. So 'plus' 5,280 pounds of dirt yields what exactly? A gram? For fun lets go high and say $ 35 worth.

It would take somebody with 1) no brain, 2) no intelligence, 3) incapable of elementary due diligence, 4) no mining experience whatsoever, and 5) a driving need to give their money away to swallow this complete and total horsechit. For those keeping score this is the THIRD stab at Colombian greatness from the Hobbit, and by very far the most insulting of the 3. Two shallow holes and 'outcrops' means this total chit paper is volume leader for 4 days running?

Idiots throwing money at this sure thing best realize what and when precisely distribution phase is. It costs money to grease promoters and the shelf life of abject stupidity like this is very short.

Oliver Douglas - Busted payday loan scammer. "Internet Defamation Consultant"
Latest and greatest is a true avalanche of threats from busted red-handed Oz conman Mr. Oliver Douglas. Ollie says I best leave his good buddies Brett Matich and Anton Billis be OR ELSE.

" f*ck off and in doing so take off the crap you have on Anton Billis and Brett Matich otherwise I will start on you. Just try me! I will start work diminishing your advertising dollars and light you up. Just go away idiot! You stink! Get that shit off your website regarding Brett Matich and Anton Billis or I will start on you with Google. I got that shit off before that you and the Pig put up about Brett Matich. Email me again and the war is on!"
This old bisexual (not that there's anything wrong with that) terd is a vile one and it goes on and on. Boyo figures he's safe in Australia hiding behind his computer so there's no end to his vast bravery/filth.

Observe ... "You are f*cked in the head. You f*cking coward. Sicko! Just turn up c*nt and see what you get from me! Watch the internet f*ckhead-time to light you up over here and crank up Google and Adwords. You pathetic c*nt!"

We have an Olli-Tardian update citizens and you are NOT gonna believe this one.

If yer bummy is in a BIG hurry... "Expedited shipping available at additional cost."
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