Sunday, March 17, 2019

Clive 'Curly' Massey and Brett Matich - Update II

chmassey60@gmail.comWhen it comes to horrid career Venture chit eaters Clive 'Curly' Massey has few peers. The adjectives simply fail after a very long while because they all get used up. It's a long career of ALWAYS separately extreme dum dums from their money.

Latest for Curly's 'Tasca' (TAC.v) is news of a 1 for 2 consolidation and a name change. God only knows HOW MANY rollbacks it is in Curly's career of 'creating value'. Curly now figures a new name is a brilliant idear too. Baffle the tards who refuse to do diligence works every time. No news on what the 'new and improved' will be. Likely no truth in advertising such as 'Curly's Latest Scam Inc.'
The 'new and improved' is called Universal Copper UNV.v Clive Massey, chief executive officer, commented: "I am extremely bullish on the future price of copper. When Max Resource Corp.’s gold discovery in Choco unexpectedly made the Gachala project available I felt Tasca had to pounce on the opportunity.”

In a match surely made in long term heaven, we have Brett Matich flipping off some OH so valuable Colombian ground to Clive 'Curly' Massey's flagship Tasca Resources. (TAC.v $ .03).

And what's the latest on Curly's horrific, multi-generational resume? That might be Southern Lithium. After Curly's quick unloading as CEO and obligatory rollback, that junk is now Le Mare Gold Corp. (LMGC.v - $ .07) Or it could be BridgeMarkian disgrace Newpoint NP.c. So many to choose from eh?
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