Sunday, February 24, 2019

Good Life Networks - GOOD.v - Michael Woodman - Update

Mr Jesse Dylan (birth name Michael Woodman), the self described "alpha leader in media and entertainment" also happens to be a massive large bible thumper, and it is this constituency where his most ardent supporters/dummies can be found. Tapping the 'faithful' has been done, redone, and done again on the VSE. One begins to believe that ardent Christians are the absolute best source for the truly most stupid money on earth. Once hooked, they are CONVINCED God is on their side.

Regarding this video. Is it not curious that the massive money spinner needs to BORROW money? Surely there's cash all over the place. Well that's simply not so. The opposite actually.

Konstantin Lichtenwald CFO
Latest in horrid open BridgeMark scammery is Good Life Networks Inc. (GOOD.v) "We own and operate disruptive patent-pending advertising technology." and "are committed to positioning ourselves ahead of the imminent convergence between Digital Advertising and Blockchain Technology." and "provide real-time decisioning." Errr sure, great.

Main insulting K9 is career radio jockey and failed author Mr. Jesse Dylan.(Michael Woodman) Singular claim to fame for the rapidly aging guru is as a 'multiple award-winning show host.' Unknown how that qualifies the man for much of anything except spewing rubbish.

Jill Dylan (Jill Woodman?), Jesse Dylan (Michael Woodman)
Co initially caught my attention on two fronts. First the fact it retains the horribly tarred BridgeMarkian Konstantin Lichtenwald as beancounter long AFTER he was exposed. In securities one unloads tarbabies without any damn delay for the simple reason they dirty everyone else by association.

Next was the mindless spewing about massive and growing 'pro-forma' gross revenues. NO legitimate companies would do such a thing. ONLY corrupt ones and here we have the perfect beanstroker for the deed. As a bonus we are given the reason WHY he can't be offloaded ... he has intimate knowledge of the scammery.

We check the latest filings and we have unsecured convertible notes convertible into 5,000,000 units at a price of $0.0475 per unit.
This is what we call a 'black box revenue scam' A 'black box' is a securities ploy where something is so profitable, and so top secret it can't possibly be disclosed at all.

The management financials show $8.4m in receivables, all past due, $2.4m in current liabilities and all of $360k in cash. That is the definition of insolvent.

Co is SAYING they have major sales but the reality is they haven't collected a nickle. Jesse (Michael) SAYS the Bank of Nova Scotia is lending many millions to fund this total joke. We say not based on these numbers they AREN'T. We dig into their breathlessly touted acquisition 395 Networks LLC for cash and paper and find out a) It's head office in NY is a 'We Work' rental, b) last year an OTC scam backed out (delisted) of a deal where less than $ 2m in assets existed, and c) the main 395 Networks dopus (Bret Polansky) is described as a 'sales manager'.

Uncovering these scams is NEVER rocket science, yet greedy retards continuously get ripped off. It very surely doesn't get a lot easier that Good Life Networks (GOOD.v) and conman Jesse Dylan (Michael Woodman)

Bret Polansky
There seems to be much negative information regarding litigation and/or bankruptcy etc with Mr. Polansky. Work continues.

As far as CEO Matt Hopkins of very expensive TO target Impression X goes he's pretty much invisible, along with Impression X. "Matthew Hopkins has been associated with seven companies, according to public records. The companies were formed over a five year period with the most recent being incorporated three years ago in March of 2015. Five of the companies are still active while the remaining two are now listed as inactive." "mPlore was established in 2015 as the mobile division of Net Applications."

Matt Hopkins

Praveen Varshney (Varshney Capital)
Next reek is the connect to GOOD.v director (Praveen) Vareen Varshney of Varshney Capital. As far his name switch goes, WTF is up with that? ('Fixed') Is this not the same dummy? (Yup) Varshney knows well who jailed securities scuzbag Aly Babu Mawji is. That is so because Mawji was working at Varshney Capital when he ran his criminal pump and dump of De Beira Goldfields.

Aly Babu Mawji and Justin Liu

Vareen Varshney (Good.v) NOTE - Now 'Praveen'
Courtesy of an extremely helpful poster on Stockhouse we have documents related to the highly enigmatic Impression X.
Click to enlarge.

3700 Newport Blvd Ste 102. Aha Development Group, Inc. Property Development. "Full service residential land developer and general contractor."
Shea Hodge Watson -

478 Ogle St. Costa Mesa business registration by Impression X INC.
Mikey/Jesse landed 15,800,001 common (seed) shares for $791 at the end of 2015. Another 7,100,000 common shares were dished off at $0.05. Among those with the paper is Dr. Janice D. Carr Inc. (

Naturally said paper is soooo valuable now that it's being flipped off (along with cash) to OSC busted red-handed AgoraScam muttdog George Tsiolis. Truly it would be impossible to list all the scam deals George 'Reeky Greeky' Tsiolis has ridden to zero.
Dr. Janice Carr Ratings