Sunday, March 31, 2019


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Friday, March 22, 2019

Brett Matich (MXR.v) - Good News by Freight Train - Update

While the half dozen shallow pit assays have dropped off a desk somewhere, the pumpers simply cannot contain MXR.v excitement.

"top is going to come off with UNREAL volume, there wont be bidding, the asks are going to get crushed and market buys will push the shorts if there still any to a self lynching mob ..."

"what I like about MXR is it's fresh and exciting"
Chitface Brett Matich released the following on February 14. "Max Resource Corp. expects to receive the initial sampling analysis results some time next week ..." So now we're into March and those assays are still MIA.

The saying 'Good news by freight train, bad news by mule train' is always true in Venture securities. ALWAYS
The long in tooth rock dog was reportedly quoted as saying he 'expects' half a gram per ton. That sounds about right and is uneconomic for certain.
Matich and said rock K9 are carting around concrete blocks hoping to impress somebody. DROPPING the fukkin things wouldna break them up IMO. This chit needs a jackhammer, jaw crusher, and/or explosives.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Clive 'Curly' Massey and Brett Matich - Update II

chmassey60@gmail.comWhen it comes to horrid career Venture chit eaters Clive 'Curly' Massey has few peers. The adjectives simply fail after a very long while because they all get used up. It's a long career of ALWAYS separately extreme dum dums from their money.

Latest for Curly's 'Tasca' (TAC.v) is news of a 1 for 2 consolidation and a name change. God only knows HOW MANY rollbacks it is in Curly's career of 'creating value'. Curly now figures a new name is a brilliant idear too. Baffle the tards who refuse to do diligence works every time. No news on what the 'new and improved' will be. Likely no truth in advertising such as 'Curly's Latest Scam Inc.'
The 'new and improved' is called Universal Copper UNV.v Clive Massey, chief executive officer, commented: "I am extremely bullish on the future price of copper. When Max Resource Corp.’s gold discovery in Choco unexpectedly made the Gachala project available I felt Tasca had to pounce on the opportunity.”

In a match surely made in long term heaven, we have Brett Matich flipping off some OH so valuable Colombian ground to Clive 'Curly' Massey's flagship Tasca Resources. (TAC.v $ .03).

And what's the latest on Curly's horrific, multi-generational resume? That might be Southern Lithium. After Curly's quick unloading as CEO and obligatory rollback, that junk is now Le Mare Gold Corp. (LMGC.v - $ .07) Or it could be BridgeMarkian disgrace Newpoint NP.c. So many to choose from eh?
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Monday, March 11, 2019

Anthony Jackson seeks court-ordered AGM for MY.c - Montego

Montego Resources Inc. - MY.c BridgeMark director Anthony Jackson is asking for a court-ordered annual general meeting. He says that he is the only director who was properly elected, with the others being improperly appointed.

He further points out that the company has not held an AGM since Nov. 15, 2017.
The lawsuit comes just days after the company issued a news release stating that it had fired Mr. Jackson from his role as chief financial officer. Jackson is one of several individuals named in the massive ongoing BCSC investigation over abusive share issuances on the CSE.

Montego Resources Inc. - MY.c was not named in the initial BCSC order but is understood to be under investigation. It's office ... Suite 800 – 1199 West Hastings, Vancouver, BC is well known as the BridgeMark headquarters.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

BridgeMark Steven Hoffmann at PDAC

BridgeMark Steven Hoffmann. sh@getnewt.comHighly enigmatic ringleader of the BridgeMark scam was spotted at PDAC2019 this past week. Steven Hoffmann has somehow kept his name out of the limelight as massive chit hits his BridgeMark scam. On other fronts we can confirm Lisa Jackson has been booted from the realtor business.
We have good information that the accounting bodies are about to turf Anthony Jackson and Konstantin Licthenwald for their roles in the BridgeMark scam.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

CEO Brent Hugo Johnson penalized for false or misleading statements

The BCSC has imposed a $150,000 penalty on Brent Hugo Johnson, the president and chief executive officer of Mountainstar Gold Inc., for making false or misleading statements.

In addition to the penalty, Brent Hugo Johnson must resign any position as a director or officer of an issuer or registrant, and is permanently prohibited from taking any such role. Johnson also was permanently barred from trading in or purchasing securities or exchange contracts; relying on any exemptions of the Securities Act; becoming or acting as a registrant or promoter; acting in a management or consultative capacity in the securities market; or engaging in investor relations activities.
In imposing the sanctions, the panel noted that Johnson’s actions took place over three years, and cited as an aggravating factor his “negligent manner” of verifying the truthfulness of the company’s disclosure. The panel said it is unlikely that investors would have invested in Mountainstar if the company had accurately disclosed the facts surrounding the mining claim and related legal proceedings.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

MXR.v massive huge deal Noble Metals - Update

William HaydenA body can read all the Q reports as Noble had this property since 2012. The cumulative loss is over $23m.

The consolidated losses ...
$1,976,842 (2011)
$4,229,527 (2012)
$3,497,631 (2013)
$12,193,043 (2014)
$435,440 (2015)
$645,654 (2016)

Mr. David Boehm financed Hayden and was looking at a $3m (US) loss. He got a big slice of worthless Noble shares and then brought the deal to Matich. The taxes and royalties in Colombia pretty much insure millions in operating losses. It's 17.5% off the top just to get started.
Upon further DD we learn that Noble Metals is very insolvent. After more than 8 years the Co has NEVER shown a profit. Since there is no drilling planned, MXR.v is simply continuing on the exact same path. This is a mining company that NEVER expects to actually mine gold. It is a weak promotion from career scumbags for the weak minded.
Latest filings from Noble Metals are less than stunning. "On further investigations into the accounts of the US Entity, GPS Metals Lab, it has become apparent that up to $2.5m USD has been misappropriated from GPS Metals Lab by Mr Palomino, the former Managing Director of the Company."

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Good Life Networks - Good.v - Update

There has been a highly improbable updraft in the SP of terrible horrid chit Good Life Networks - Good.v. Nada news to speak of and these reprobates have 59 days to have a REAL accountant sign off on their audited financials.

We have a new document on Sedar. A so called 'Business Acquisition Report' for 495 Communications, LLC. First off it's signed by Konstantin Lichtenwald, and that instantly makes it pure arsewipe to this space.

Konstantin Lichtenwald
Anyway 495 Communications, LLC. lost half a million in 2017. Latest numbers to Sept 2018 show chitloads of uncollected 'revenues' ($3.8m) and massive current liabilities. ($2.6m) Cash was all of $ 280k, meaning this joke is insolvent and numbers echo, precisely, grotesquely stroked Good.v.

And what was the the purchase price for this 'asset' again? "The purchase consideration to the members of the Company comprises an aggregate purchase price of $15 million."
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