Friday, March 22, 2019

Brett Matich (MXR.v) - Good News by Freight Train - Update

While the half dozen shallow pit assays have dropped off a desk somewhere, the pumpers simply cannot contain MXR.v excitement.

"top is going to come off with UNREAL volume, there wont be bidding, the asks are going to get crushed and market buys will push the shorts if there still any to a self lynching mob ..."

"what I like about MXR is it's fresh and exciting"
Chitface Brett Matich released the following on February 14. "Max Resource Corp. expects to receive the initial sampling analysis results some time next week ..." So now we're into March and those assays are still MIA.

The saying 'Good news by freight train, bad news by mule train' is always true in Venture securities. ALWAYS
The long in tooth rock dog was reportedly quoted as saying he 'expects' half a gram per ton. That sounds about right and is uneconomic for certain.
Matich and said rock K9 are carting around concrete blocks hoping to impress somebody. DROPPING the fukkin things wouldna break them up IMO. This chit needs a jackhammer, jaw crusher, and/or explosives.