Saturday, March 2, 2019

Good Life Networks - Good.v - Update

There has been a highly improbable updraft in the SP of terrible horrid chit Good Life Networks - Good.v. Nada news to speak of and these reprobates have 59 days to have a REAL accountant sign off on their audited financials.

We have a new document on Sedar. A so called 'Business Acquisition Report' for 495 Communications, LLC. First off it's signed by Konstantin Lichtenwald, and that instantly makes it pure arsewipe to this space.

Konstantin Lichtenwald
Anyway 495 Communications, LLC. lost half a million in 2017. Latest numbers to Sept 2018 show chitloads of uncollected 'revenues' ($3.8m) and massive current liabilities. ($2.6m) Cash was all of $ 280k, meaning this joke is insolvent and numbers echo, precisely, grotesquely stroked Good.v.

And what was the the purchase price for this 'asset' again? "The purchase consideration to the members of the Company comprises an aggregate purchase price of $15 million."
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