Tuesday, April 30, 2019

AR Blockchain for retards - Mikie/Jesse chock full of it

Goofus Mikie/Jesse has yet ANOTHER sure thing, this time in the never fail blockchain/cyber currency space. "Good Life Networks Inc. has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Horizon Globex GmbH to license its full suite of blockchain software solutions to power Good Life's accounts receivable (AR) blockchain product."

Jesse/Mikie just keeps on going and what precisely makes the clown and his 'team' a bunch of blockchain/cybercurrency experts suddenly? Nada fukkin thing.

No numbers attached to this latest brainchitstorm, butt (_*_) knowing Jesse/Mikie chitloads of cash MUST BE getting flipped off to some phantom. "We believe our patent pending AR solution can be a game changer." Riiiiight Jesse/Mikie you damn gooftard. Biggest challenge is to collect on the $ 21m+ showing as being owed to this total chit co. How that happens doesn't matter ... from Jesse/Mikie's stinking anus if need be.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Aly Babu Mawji faces off against BCSC - Permanent Ban in works

West Vancouver resident Aly Babu Mawji — who was convicted of illegal market manipulation in Germany and is embroiled in the BridgeMark scam, faced a preliminary hearing at the BCSC in Vancouver. A BCSC panel of commissioners withheld its judgement on the arguments until a later date. A hearing could be heard in the fall.

The BCSC is asking the panel to permanently ban Mawji from trading in or purchasing any securities or exchange contracts among many other things. Mawji is living in a West Vancouver home with his spouse Denise Trainor, who is also a respondent to the BCSC investigation. The house was previously sold to a numbered company last November for $2.8 million by realtor Lisa Jackson. It has been relisted for sale at $2,888,800.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Fraser Valley Hop Farms - John Briner - Update

At Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc, it’s important to be strategic.
Fraser Valley Hop Farms was covered in this space a little over a year ago. We came to the brilliant conclusion it was a too obvious Ponzi scheme. That brainstormism was assisted by the fact wicked horrid crooked dis-barred basterd John Briner was confirmed 100% to be involved.

Latest and greatest from this chitshow is all about said Ponzi scheme, otherwise known to some hooked dummies as "MYHOPS.farm" Yes indeed public type this money spinner is on the continuous hunt for 'partners'.

"We at Fraser Valley Hop Farms are inviting you to join us on MyHopsFarm and be part of our smart farming journey."
Naturally said potential 'partners' are still required to execute a non-disclosure, non-compete agreement, almost certainly crafted by a Brineresque chitbag. This clearly non-enforceable load of total horsechit pretends to bind one to COMPLETE secrecy regarding the operation of the Ponzi scammers.

One of my personal favorites is the requirement to inform these crooked basterds immediately if the cops come calling.

There is no disclosure from these reprobates about the fact their 'farm' is on leased native land. The rumor mill says they very nearly got booted off said lease last year. One assumes that ain't good for "How do you make money and get cash coming through the door faster?"
Since we aren't constrained by much, we surreptitiously signed up as a public dummy (Duh) to get fed the scam's gory details. Naturally these flies were all over me like a presumed pile of fully dopey chit. Stay tuned for more on this one citizens.

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Sunday, April 21, 2019

mPlore for utter dummies - ANOTHER spew video from Jesse/Mikie - Update II

We're zeroing in on Matty 'Mattface' Hopkins and it ain't looking 'GOOD' at all.

This dude is almost certainly our guy. Photo came from an abandoned blog circa 2017. Dude has been based in the U.K since 1992. He reveals his connect to Texas AND selling some 'platform' in 2016. In one of his many spew sessions Mikie/Jesse revealed he bought a 'platform' in the U.K. around that time. Upshot? Mikie/Jesse and Matty 'Mattface' Hopkins are connected pee pee to anushole. There is nada 'arms length' anything, and how can Matt Hopkins be in two places, half a world away, at the same time?

This explains much. Work continues.
After another generally blank set of results on mystery multi-million dollar man Matt Hopkins we ran across something called Robomultimedia. or (http://www.robomultimedia.com/) This fully dysfunctional site has 'mPlore' plastered all over it for reasons unknown. Of some interest is Hopkin's bio. It doesn't match what his Linkedin profile is saying.  No mention of his being the CEO of grossly expensive $15m 'Impression X' anywhere.

Truly something is stinking to absolute high Denmark here. https://www.linkedin.com/in/mhopkins
EXTREMELY valuable says the chitbag. One wonders why the RECIPIENT of the $7m+ isn't being disclosed, again. That would be the ghost-like Matt Hopkins whose paper companies have scored $ 15m+ from Jesse/Mikie already.

478 Ogle St. Costa Mesa. Registered Corp office of $15m 'Impression X'
We've already taken a very nearly complete blank stab at Matty MattFace Hopkins, butt (_*_) since we've gone as far as we're going to on Bret(t) Polansky/Polunsky we'll try again. Film at 11:00.

As an aside can citizens begin to see why Jesse/Mikie insults the chit outta me? Millions and millions, a common theme every time he opens his fraudulent fukkin trap. The man goes into complete rapture whilst spewing bullchit. The stench is overpowering from this 'man' and he's fully oblivious to it.  Pfffft.
GOOD.v announces acquisition - the beat goes on
In the wake of a nearly $2m operating loss, Jesse Dylan and/or Micheal Woodman have another one ... "Good Life Networks Inc. has entered into a binding letter of intent to acquire all of the issued and outstanding equity units of mPlore LLC, a leading mobile content delivery platform based in Texas ..." Naturally mPlore is the biggest thing since arsewipe and yes astute reader, this is ANOTHER paper company created by Matt Hopkins and sold for multi-millions. ($7m?)
As far as due diligence on mPlore goes it's precisely the same story. Virtually zero internet presence of any kind. The only easily found material relates to a Texas lawsuit from 2017. A website (http://www.mplore.com/) is all of 2 very simple pages, is mostly photos, and was created on 'squarespace' probably in less than 30 minutes. It fails miserably as any possible type of 'business' website. A child could do better. Photos are all stock.
One wonders why the grossly enigmatic Matt Hopkins doesn't appear on this child's website at all.

Friday, April 19, 2019

495 Communications - Bret Polansky, Bret Polunsky - Update

We've been remiss in taking a better gander at $15m GOOD.v acquisition 495 Communications and the newly minted (with BNS money) millionaire Bret Polansky. The 'head office' at 175 Varick St #610, in New York is a 'We work' rental. Suite 300 at 2210 Main in Santa Barbara is a 1100 sq foot rental. 888-983-1620 is the phone number for all.
bret@495communications.com The background of Mr. Polansky demands a search of all public records including those related to his alias 'Bret Polunsky'.In late 2017 Cardiff International, Inc. (OTCQB: CDIF) announced a deal to buy the Co. A promotional NR says total assets were $ 2.8m (net $ 1m). The deal did not complete after Cardiff due diligence.

Bret Polansky was born on 06/06/1975. Polansky has many public records related to bankruptcy and/or lawsuits and/or charges. He has used the aliases Bret Polunsky and Bret A Polansky. He is showing as Executive Vice President of Sales at Icon Advertising INC. Remy Gill is 'Founder & Media Owner' 1500 - 701 West Georgia Street is another 'We work' type rental. A massive number of companies use that address. Icon Advertising Inc. is described as being based in Vancouver with an 'office' in Santa Clara. 'specializing in media buying & planning services'.

Remy Gill (rgill@iconadinc.com)
There are definitely multiple records on Bret Polansky/Polunsky, as confirmed by multiple sources. The information is readily available for a fee. Since we have no intention of EVER throwing a dime at the ridiculous GOOD.v or it's players we won't be going further. Anybody with money at stake would be obliged to review this material without delay.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Good.v releases new Presentation = 'Solve the AR crisis'

ClickI'm negatively biased. Naturally I have nothing but ill spewing built right in because I KNOW what Jesse/Mikie and his crew of fukheads are up to.

That being so whatever the hell THIS is supposed to be is beyond the hilarious.
Jesse/Mikie is a bonehead. He's a life long radio spewer. The parameters of securities fraud exclude mindless spewing for it's own sake. Jesse/Mikie has laid this offense out so clearly it's amazing to me GOOD.v has any bid at all. The 'man' makes it so easy it's ALMOST an insult to anybody with working brain material. Now that we're warmed up, here we go ...

"Low Overhead - We don’t require a sales team. Our technology sells itself." Overhead means an auditor confirmed cash burn well over $ 150k per month and NOTHING ever 'sells itself'.

"Patent Pending Technology" One might submit a patent for an asshole hair pulling technology unknown to modern science.

"Market spend: $84 Billion this year $100 Billion in 2020" - Where the fuk this stupidity comes from isn't clear. Very likely from said hairless asshole. Why not say 'Zillions of Billions' it has a 'GOOD' ring to it.
"Trailing 12 months Combined Revenue (Jan 1st 2018 – Dec 31th, 2018) $48 Million REVENUE | $7.1 Million EBITDA" The Audited numbers revealed a $2.2m loss for 2018. EBITDA refers to Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization. EBITDA is NOT gross (fraudulent) revenues. This horsechit is COMPLETELY fraudulent. Audited numbers were revealed 2 weeks ago. Why is Jesse/Mikie still referring to CFO LitchenFraud stroked management numbers that are proven false to the tune of OVER $ 9m?

"2020 Revenues of $ 100m - GLN believes in setting annual financial forecasts and targets to provide clarity for investors" - Jesse/Mikie 'believes' in pulling fraudulent numbers from the ether. NO legitimate public company 'believes' in straight-up securities fraud.

Bret(t) Polansky = $ 15m
It goes on and on and this post COULD go on and on as well. Lets finish up with ANOTHER spelling error vis-a-vis one of the scammer's names. This fraud first calls one of the main dopes 'BRETT POLANSKY' and then directly below calls him 'BRET POLANSKY.'

They can't get their directors names correct (yes it's important) and thereafter can't get the 'Sales Manager' who apparently lifted millions name correct either. Further, nobody is even proof reading this hopeless garbage.

Matt Hopkins? = $22m

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

TKO.t - Taseko Revisited

The HDI boyotards have been spewing sweet nothings about the 'first copper production' from the test facility at Florence. Some are impressed stupid and infused with extreme bullishism over TKO.t paper and prospects of massive profits. We wish said pure retards luck with that.

It is now FAR PAST 8 years of hurricanes of hot worthless air from HDI tards and the latest is simply a continuation of the same. First key take-a-way is the FACT it's a very small (3 hole + monitoring holes) test facility built strictly to get regulatory approval for an aquifer permit.
This is from PRZ.v A-hole Micheal McPhie in May 2012, then lead mouthpiece of TKO majority owned Curis Resources. “We have become aware of misinformation circulating in the public domain relating to the permitting and development of Florence Copper. This misinformation is leading to confusion about the Company’s plans to advance its in-situ copper recovery (ISCR) project in Florence” commented Michael McPhie. "Since acquiring Florence Copper in late 2009, Curis has been working to amend and update these permits. A majority of the key operating permits for the project are in place today, including permits relating to air, water use and waste. Curis’ focus is now on amending the remaining operating permits. No formal environmental impact assessment (EIA) of the project is required."

"Curis is well advanced in discussions with (“ADEQ”) and expects to receive a Phase 1 operating permit for the Florence Copper project in the coming weeks."
Seven years later and is the aquifer permit in place? It's another year and a slam dunk for sure according to HDI boyotards. Fact is that test results AREN'T going to stakeholders or idiots buying this paper, ever, they are going to ADEQ and the EPA.

Our very extensive due diligence says those results will confirm red-hot radiometric ore at Florence, something that government scientists published just after BHP walked away in the late-1990s. It is very possible the HDI group know damn well it's true, TODAY and have ALWAYS KNOWN the project would corrupt ground water in Florence forever.
See ----->Taseko (TKO.t) and Florence Copper - Update

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Good.v numbers a nightmare on dope street = $ 2.2m loss

In our experience there are 3 kinds of Venture numbers. Bad, really bad, and Good.v.

Lets get things rolling with a highly unusual blurb on the cover letter ... "We draw attention to Note 1 in the consolidated financial statements, which indicates that the Company has a net loss of $2,264,855".

First time ever I have seen warning to peruse the notes like this, up front. Auditors will use the 'going concern' to cover their arses every time, but to point out the bottom line loss in the cover letter is unique and very ominous. That cover letter is too long by about 4X.
Current liabilities are $17m against $38m in total liabilities. Cash was $781k at Dec 31, so, by definition Co is insolvent by a very large margin. Top so called assets are 'Intangible Assets' of $11,306,691 and Goodwill of $10,201,411. That's $ 21m that doesn't exist. These numbers represent the amount OVERPAID for grossly overpriced acquisitions.

"Redefining Your Health With the Greatest Visionaries of Our Time."
AR at year end was $ 20.5m. That number is saying this co isn't collecting a thin dime of the multi-millions of 'revenues' spewed by the main idiot every day. The FACT is absolutely ZERO cash is coming in and cash burn is something past $170k each and every month. Why those very overdue (more than 120 days) receivables have NOT been written off as bad debts is a mystery for the ages. We put it down to management scum.

4 unknowable 'customers' owe $ 17m+ that is long overdue. There are BNS credit facilities (fully secured???) that are racked. ($9.8m+) It is in default because the required coverage is 1.25 to 1 current assets to current liabilities. GOOD.v's ratio is microscopic.
"Wages and benefits of $469,548, listing bonus and transaction costs of $272,121 and share-based compensation of $254,011 ... In addition, the Company acquired certain patents from a company controlled by an officer of the Company in the amount of $625,000." That would be $ 1.6m to Jesse/Mikie in 2018.
Another $800k in cash went to others including the little missus. "cash outflows from operating activities of $11,945,334". That is a massive number, but one needs an appreciation of what that cash cost. Co issued 'subscription receipts' for "gross proceeds of $9,200,000. The Company paid $1,245,974 cash commission and issued 2,545,064 agents’ options"

This is a 'black box revenue scam' but it is also a 'scorched earth' play. The main crook is looting this co absolutely stupid and transferring the winnings to non-arms length conspirators via the paper acquisitions.

At current rates this horrid chit will be fully raped/looted well before year end. This paper is beyond worthless. Far beyond.

See ----->https://agoracom.com/ir/GoodLifeNetworks/forums/discussion/topics/725001-good-life-networks-doubles-yoy-revenue-to-over-20m-in-fy2018/messages/2226969#message

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Massive BridgeMark scandal gets larger - 82 subjects

Anthony Jackson
BCSC lawyers informed commissioners that; “This investigation is very large; it’s ongoing; it’s very complex. And it will take more time to complete.” In November 11 CSE-listed companies as well as 25 individuals and their 26 associated firms were identified. There are now 82 subjects of the investigation, up from what was 62.

The investigation has so far resulted in 116 production orders, including 14 to public companies, 44 to banks, 10 to brokerage firms, 36 to individuals and 12 to others. About 300 bank accounts and 230 brokerage accounts have been searched. At the core of the case is the unproven allegation that BridgeMark members are and were never consultants, as defined by BCSC.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Preveceutical gains default judgment vs. BridgeMark Essos, Detona - Update

PreveCeutical Medical Inc. (PREV.c) announced today that it has obtained a default judgement against JCN Capital Corp. (John Rosarino Bevilacqua)
Preveceutical Medical Inc. (PREV.c) has obtained a default judgment against each of Essos Corporate Services Inc. and Detona Capital Corp. A notice of civil claim was filed on Dec. 17, 2018, by the company, as plaintiff, against the defendants, consisting of Aly Babu Mawji, Justin Liu, BridgeMark Financial Corp., Rockshore Advisors Ltd. (Cam Paddock Enterprises Inc.), Detona Capital Corp., Escher Invest SA, Essos Corporate Services Inc., Jarman Capital Inc., JCN Capital Corp., Kendl Capital Ltd., Lukor Capital, Northwest Marketing and Management Inc., Sway Capital Corp. and Tryton Financial Corp.
Stephen Van Deventer
The amount of damages and costs to be awarded to the company and against Essos and Detona remain to be assessed by the court. Essos is related to Von Rowell Torres and David Matthew Schmidt. Detona is related to Danilen Villanueva and Natasha Jon Emami.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Good Life (GOOD.v) loses $1.93-million in 2018

Good Life Networks Inc. has filed its consolidated financial statements and management's discussion and analysis for the year ended Dec. 31, 2018. VERY naturally this massive revenue spinner is losing money ... something this space recognized long ago based on the simple FACT the co isn't collecting on it's very large receivables.

Whilst Mikey/Jesse (take your pick) continues to spew about 'revenues' the loss for the three months ended Dec. 31, 2018, was $254,600. The tale will be told in the audited financials. ANY WAY sliced this space has nailed this disgusting offense. GOOD.v isn't making money and likely never will because it's an obvious fraudjob.

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