Tuesday, May 7, 2019

495 Communications - Craig M. Paia - Update II

There are developing developments with outrageous GOOD.v. This being so we've been taking another, closer gander at the Konstantin Litchenwald stroked 'business acquisition report' for 495 Communications (51-102F4) filed on Sedar Feb 26th. Terms are US$3.5m cash, a cash earn-out of up to a maximum of US$5.5m and US$6m in cash or through the issuance of common shares. We know Craig M. Paia was the sole shareholder of 495 Communications. Numbers show 'members equity' of $ 1.1m to go along with AR of $3.9m and payables of $ 4.1m. Enterprise lost $ 527k in 2018. In Sept 2018 cash was $281,668 and there were NO OTHER ASSETS.
A $ 15m deal for an enterprise that MIGHT, on a very good day, be 'worth' one fuk of a lot less than $ 1.5m. We aren't talking about something a BIT too expensive, we're talking 10X+. And this is simply one deal of a score of others, all grossly expensive and structured the same grotesque way.

Lighthouse Digital Inc. - 2802 Flintrock Trace Ste 360 Austin, TX 78738 is something called a 'virtual office'. Going rate is $ 75.
In what might have been revealing, a document was filed on Sedar April 8 regarding the contract between Lighthouse Digital Inc. ('495 Communications') and GOOD.v.

After wading through miles of legal mumbo jumbo, all of it referring to the schedules, we find ALL of the schedules have been redacted. i.e. they aren't there.

It's all a 'trade secret', naturally. Basically this document is less than useless and public types will have to 'trust' Jesse/Mikie on the $ 15m acquisition entirely.
One wonders, very mightily, how on earth the laughable Jersey Boy Craig Pavia has avoided any mention from Jesse Dylan and/or Micheal Woodman. $15 fukkin million getting flipped off to this goofus and he doesn't get the slightest hint of recognition despite being billed as the 'owner' of 495 Communications and the main recipient of the loot?

As I say citizens, this scam is so damn obvious it's not that much of a challenge. Stay tuned. I'd bet the baby's college fund nothing 'GOOD' will come from this terd's background.

We have received a rumor (gotta love/hate em) that 2 GOOD.v customer accounts, owing many multi-millions, were inexplicably (gasp, what a shocking surprise) closed in December. Only time will tell how accurate that might be.