Sunday, April 21, 2019

mPlore for utter dummies - ANOTHER spew video from Jesse/Mikie - Update II

We're zeroing in on Matty 'Mattface' Hopkins and it ain't looking 'GOOD' at all.

This dude is almost certainly our guy. Photo came from an abandoned blog circa 2017. Dude has been based in the U.K since 1992. He reveals his connect to Texas AND selling some 'platform' in 2016. In one of his many spew sessions Mikie/Jesse revealed he bought a 'platform' in the U.K. around that time. Upshot? Mikie/Jesse and Matty 'Mattface' Hopkins are connected pee pee to anushole. There is nada 'arms length' anything, and how can Matt Hopkins be in two places, half a world away, at the same time?

This explains much. Work continues.
After another generally blank set of results on mystery multi-million dollar man Matt Hopkins we ran across something called Robomultimedia. or ( This fully dysfunctional site has 'mPlore' plastered all over it for reasons unknown. Of some interest is Hopkin's bio. It doesn't match what his Linkedin profile is saying.  No mention of his being the CEO of grossly expensive $15m 'Impression X' anywhere.

Truly something is stinking to absolute high Denmark here.
EXTREMELY valuable says the chitbag. One wonders why the RECIPIENT of the $7m+ isn't being disclosed, again. That would be the ghost-like Matt Hopkins whose paper companies have scored $ 15m+ from Jesse/Mikie already.

478 Ogle St. Costa Mesa. Registered Corp office of $15m 'Impression X'
We've already taken a very nearly complete blank stab at Matty MattFace Hopkins, butt (_*_) since we've gone as far as we're going to on Bret(t) Polansky/Polunsky we'll try again. Film at 11:00.

As an aside can citizens begin to see why Jesse/Mikie insults the chit outta me? Millions and millions, a common theme every time he opens his fraudulent fukkin trap. The man goes into complete rapture whilst spewing bullchit. The stench is overpowering from this 'man' and he's fully oblivious to it.  Pfffft.
GOOD.v announces acquisition - the beat goes on
In the wake of a nearly $2m operating loss, Jesse Dylan and/or Micheal Woodman have another one ... "Good Life Networks Inc. has entered into a binding letter of intent to acquire all of the issued and outstanding equity units of mPlore LLC, a leading mobile content delivery platform based in Texas ..." Naturally mPlore is the biggest thing since arsewipe and yes astute reader, this is ANOTHER paper company created by Matt Hopkins and sold for multi-millions. ($7m?)
As far as due diligence on mPlore goes it's precisely the same story. Virtually zero internet presence of any kind. The only easily found material relates to a Texas lawsuit from 2017. A website ( is all of 2 very simple pages, is mostly photos, and was created on 'squarespace' probably in less than 30 minutes. It fails miserably as any possible type of 'business' website. A child could do better. Photos are all stock.
One wonders why the grossly enigmatic Matt Hopkins doesn't appear on this child's website at all.