Thursday, November 19, 2020

MXR.v - Brett Matich - Update, new IIROC complaint

Latest from career bag of chit Brett Matich is ANOTHER fraudulent misrepresentation in the corporate presention. Jerk-off Matich is claiming 38% of this scam's capitalization is held by 'HNW' which refers to 'High net worth' you damn stupid idiot.

This would be the latest presentation and in a nutshell the latest Matich sure thing is all about copper surface grabs in '100% owned' cocaine country, again. And it's ANOTHER massive new 'world class' and 'district' discovery, right 'under the noses of the majors'. 2 undisclosed majors and 1 undisclosed 'mid-tier' are hot to trot in the 'data room', and BIG TIME. We have 122m fully diluted with 15m dirt cheap warrants outstanding.
Brett Matich dished up photos for scam #3 and NEVER did any assays follow. His 'disclosure' was assays of the concentrate grade. The headlines said 340.84 g/t gold and 111.03 g/t platinum for 'sample 001' and 'sample 002' graded 222.06 g/t gold and 113.83 g/t platinum. Well that sounds nice but it is pure meaningless because it's the concentrate grade, not the raw sample grade. This manner of 'reporting' is ridiculous, fraudulent, and is fully expected because the tards tipped their hand they were going to do it. This horsechit is nothing new for the ancient rock dog R. Tim Henneberry and career chit eater Brett Matich.

R. Tim Henneberry
Brett Matich was run outta Oz, and it likely had little to do with the Prime Minerals lawsuit over breech of fiduciary duty. First stop in Canada was with the Graham Harris/Andrew Bowering team and CAP-Ex. Matich was spanked for disclosure by IIROC instantly.

Brett Matich reports CAP-EX VENTURES LTD.: RETRACTION OF STATEMENT REGARDING IRON ORE DEPOSIT Cap-Ex Ventures Ltd. is retracting the statements from its Nov. 23 news release, stating: "Block 103 appears to host a multibillion-tonne near-surface iron ore deposit" and "All 17 holes ... have encountered a sequence of ore-grade mineralization."