Wednesday, April 17, 2019

TKO.t - Taseko Revisited

The HDI boyotards have been spewing sweet nothings about the 'first copper production' from the test facility at Florence. Some are impressed stupid and infused with extreme bullishism over TKO.t paper and prospects of massive profits. We wish said pure retards luck with that.

It is now FAR PAST 8 years of hurricanes of hot worthless air from HDI tards and the latest is simply a continuation of the same. First key take-a-way is the FACT it's a very small (3 hole + monitoring holes) test facility built strictly to get regulatory approval for an aquifer permit.
This is from PRZ.v A-hole Micheal McPhie in May 2012, then lead mouthpiece of TKO majority owned Curis Resources. “We have become aware of misinformation circulating in the public domain relating to the permitting and development of Florence Copper. This misinformation is leading to confusion about the Company’s plans to advance its in-situ copper recovery (ISCR) project in Florence” commented Michael McPhie. "Since acquiring Florence Copper in late 2009, Curis has been working to amend and update these permits. A majority of the key operating permits for the project are in place today, including permits relating to air, water use and waste. Curis’ focus is now on amending the remaining operating permits. No formal environmental impact assessment (EIA) of the project is required."

"Curis is well advanced in discussions with (“ADEQ”) and expects to receive a Phase 1 operating permit for the Florence Copper project in the coming weeks."
Seven years later and is the aquifer permit in place? It's another year and a slam dunk for sure according to HDI boyotards. Fact is that test results AREN'T going to stakeholders or idiots buying this paper, ever, they are going to ADEQ and the EPA.

Our very extensive due diligence says those results will confirm red-hot radiometric ore at Florence, something that government scientists published just after BHP walked away in the late-1990s. It is very possible the HDI group know damn well it's true, TODAY and have ALWAYS KNOWN the project would corrupt ground water in Florence forever.
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