Thursday, May 30, 2019

GOOD.v releases numbers - $ 1.5m loss in Q1 - Update

The GOOD.v chitshow CFO is the dirty beyond description Konstantin Litchenwald. The man has multiple complaints registered with the accounting bodies and I know this as fact because I was one of the complainants. He is/was intimately connected to the massive BridgeMark scam and participated in it. He ought not be an accountant at all, and for certain not for public companies.

NOTHING that comes from that source can ever be relied upon. It is this simple fact why anybody with a brain would NEVER buy share one of GOOD.v in the first place.

In accounting terms, GOOD.v is an open and sickening fraud. This CFO is carrying bad debts (receivables more than 120 days past due) as a 'current asset'. They should have been written down to zero months ago. AR is showing as $ 17.1m down from $ 20.5m. Did this fraud collect on this overdue AR as it loudly claims? AP was $ 11m and is now $ 8.2m. No, this co DID NOT collect cash on it's massive AR. This fraud is stroking it's imaginary AP and AR here to there, and back, whilst continuing to recognize the fully bogus 'revenues'. The horror tale is told in the encyclopedic notes.
craig@495communications.comThe terrible horrid amount overpaid on scam acquisitions has resulted in $20m Goodwill and intangible. That's 'Customer Relations' to civilians and apparently dopey BNS takes it as collateral. Assets there are none at all. Debt is fully racked save for about $1m. So BNS is sucking Jesse/Mikie anus to the tune of $10.4m. Interest was a whooping $183k in Q1 alone. Cash burn is now approaching $500k each and every month.

Prognostication? Mikie/Jesse is gonna bolt with the loot/winnings. Craig M. Pavia will be arrested by the FBI and MattFace will never dare set foot in America again.
Matt 'Mattface' Hopkins - Impression X, mPlore

Monday, May 27, 2019

Alex 'Blackie' Black revisited Again - RIO2

We have taken a quick gander after reading some comments from bent-over types. Sure enough, there are 20 upper management types for an enterprise 'doing' nada fukkin thing. NOTHING.

This pure rubbish is so far gone it ain't funny, and for more evidence we look to a company that 'locks' the content of it's presentation (and website) for GOOF management reasons alone. Content is soooooo secret it hurts, believe that citizens.

My personal horrid chitbag of great insult is Moo cow CFO bean stroker Katherine Johnson. Without her special brand of open larceny Blackie would be hamstrung.

We've been following Mr. Alex Black for years and once held the man in the highest regard. It's been all downhill and with frightening velocity since the connect to BridgeMark scammery via dorkface DLA Piper lawyer/director Daniel Kenney was revealed.

We spent some time TRYING to figure out where $ 2.4m in 'subscription receipts' went to months ago. We left convinced this crew of A-holes must have stolen it. Latest numbers, besides revealing a $ 8.2m loss for a co 'doing' nada, reveals a large amount capitalized. Citizens, guess what that number might be. $ 2.4m? Yer good at this.
Alex 'Blackie' BlackSo what's the deal? There were significant leakages and unexplained insider buying after the subscription receipts closed. It absolutely APPEARED a gaggle of insider chitbags/fukheads had just scored a massive pay day. Black's uber lame video was a near admission of guilt.

Now, by some amazing co-incidence, that same amount has magically been booked into the property asset. How insulting is this fukkin crew? Not only do they rip stakeholder's off, they thereafter count the theft as an asset to be depreciated/amortized/depleted, etc.

Daniel Kenney

Friday, May 24, 2019

48North Cannabis Corp (NRTH.v) - 'The Deep Dive' - Update

Latest is 708,250 stock options AND 900,000 restricted share units in reward for losing dough in bucketfuls. Yup another wiener in the pot space.

48North Cannabis Corp (NRTH.v) released its financials over the Victoria Day holiday weekend. A large red flag to have a holiday NR and these girls are all about that. Quarterly revenues sewered on a quarter over quarter basis, falling to just $689,000 for the third quarter, compared to $2.3m in the previous. That meant a quarterly loss of $1.47m. 48North didn't spew about that, instead it was keggar time about a 'milestone' in 'EBITDA'.

Also uber high on the spewlist is an outdoor-grown organic cannabis license which is "expected to be the lowest-cost per gram in Canada." That promise of greatness has juiced this total chit.

Alison Gordon, co-CEO
This co exemplifies everything that is wrong with the venture pot rush. A gaggle of no knowing idiots losing money hand over fist in a grossly over-hyped market whilst public types are drooling over themselves to throw more cash at the brilliant idear. These ladies need to find something they are good at ... growing chitty pot nobody wants isn't working.

We again give a congrats to 'The Deep Dive' who follows the vast numbers of pot promotions FAR closer than I would ever bother.

Jeanette VanderMarel, co-CEO

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Tara Haddad is Anthony Jackson's sister

Graeme Wood at Glacier Media has unveiled another blockbuster related to the massive BridgeMark fraud. Haddad, a certified public accountant, is also a realtor with Royal Lepage Sussex in West Vancouver. Haddad is the sole director of Saiya Capital Corporation, which is also a respondent to the BCSC action. Haddad is believed to be the sister of prolific penny stock promoter/scammmer Anthony Jackson, a fact she refuses to either deny or confirm. Haddad used an apparent BridgeMark email on the exempt distribution report.

The Jackson family cabal is being revealed. His 'partner' outside the family has been thought to be Justin Liu, a man with high level connections to the Hells Angels in Kelowna.

BCSC nails scammer Michael Lathigee for $21.7-million order in Nevada - Update

The BCSC has won a victory in a Nevada court to enforce a $21.7m order against fraudster Michael Lathigee -- the first time a United States court has recognized a BCSC payment order. Lathigee, a former Vancouver resident who moved to Las Vegas, fraudulently raised millions. The financial condition of companies he solicited for were worthless.

He also used new money to make loans to related companies. $21.7m represents the amount he and his cohort Earle Douglas Pasquill stole. Lathigee has appealed to the Supreme Court of Nevada.
"This letter details the irresponsible and unethical actions by TD Canada Trust"
Seven properties in Vancouver are involved as part of an effort to collect millions in penalties and repayments owed by Earle Pasquill. Lathigee and Pasquill jointly directed and controlled a fraudulent group of companies called the Freedom Investment Club (FIC)

In his 300 page book Mike Lathigee gives a scathing overview of how the financial services industry bullies and misleads investors.

'Mike' has a website and will assist you with money you don't need any more.
Very naturally wicked scammer Michael Lathigee is connected like glued arse-wipe to GOOD.v director Praveen (Vareen) Varshney.

"From the desk of Praveen Varshney" - "I have known Mike Lathigee for more than 25 years from when we first met through YEO (now known as EO), the largest organization of entrepreneurs in the world. Over this time I have developed respect for his talent, determination and track record."

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Mystery Man Matt 'MattFace' Hopkins assumes GOOD.v presidency - Update II

Alrighty then. Get a load of the latest from recently unveiled mystery man Matt 'MattFace' Hopkins. Our guy has aged significantly.

A three sentence bio for the new zillionaire that 'splains' nada thing ---> and our question hasn't changed at all.

Where does MattFace live? The options are a) the UK or b) Texas. It becomes important when GOOD.v has flipped off multi-millions to a 'non-arms length' party, that being MattFace (Impression X). Another deal for $ 7m, mPlore, has been announced. Still undisclosed is that mPlore and Impression X are both MattFace.

Bret Polansky
So. Under the last rubbish released from this scam we now have ... "GLN is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada with offices in Newport Beach and Santa Monica California, New York and UK."

So Mattface is pulling down $12m+ for 2 worthless companies (undisclosed) based in Texas, and he hasn't been in America at all for decades. Sure, why not? Nothing suspicious there. Pffffft. 'EBITDA' me some more Jesse/Mikie you clowntard.
Uber mystery man Matt Hopkins is presumably less so now with the latest of an announcement of GOOD.v President.

"Good Life has a long-standing working relationship with Mr. Hopkins and a number of his companies and has a strong appreciation of his operational excellence."

Yes indeed, an undisclosed 'working relationship' until right this second for many many millions of bucks belonging to stakeholders and ScotiaBank getting flipped off thereto.
It is only a matter of weeks before the next load of CFO Litchenwald stroked numbers appear from this fraud.
See ----->mPlore for utter dummies

Friday, May 17, 2019

An Elementary Accounting trick - the GOOD.v offense

After surrealistic exchanges with a salaried (read 'don't care') at ScotiaBank who is as obtuse as his fleeced bank, we reveal our GOOD.v conspiracy theory in terms everybody can understand. The first is 'round tripping' This slang refers to fraud transactions between non-arms length parties. For example one firm will bill a connected one for imaginary goods/services.

They book it as 'sales' and 'revenue' even though no exchange has or ever will take place. Eventually, because no cash ever appears, the sales need to be written down to zero, causing a write-off. This is where GOOD.v is today.
We see this pattern with EVERY company associated with GOOD.v ... large receivables that aren't being collected and massive payables.
With revenues stroked, next comes the 'EBITDA' shuffle. GOOD.v main clown Jesse Dylan, (birth name Micheal Woodman) has spewed every day about large and growing 'EBITDA'. This term refers to adjusted net income. It does NOT refer to gross revenues. GOOD.v reported an audited loss exceeding $ 2.2m in 2018.

To this day this scam continuously spews about $ 7m in 'EBITDA' for 2018. This is grossly misleading and a deliberate securities fraud on the public.
It was an amazing moment when we were forced to actually BELIEVE Jesse/Mikie spewing and accept that ScotiaBank had extended 'secured' credit facilities, based on the above. One would think a Tier 1 bank could not be hoodwinked by the simplest and most worn out scams in the world.

BNS has NEVER been secured. As soon as GOOD.v completes the obligatory write-down the Co will be revealed as the pure worthless chit it is. There is NOTHING backing the millions advanced to the scammers. (yes scammers)
It ought to go without saying that paying more than 10X the 'value' received in return for a series of bogus 'acquisitions' (the same cos providing multi-millions in 'sales') is grossly contrary to the main man's covenant with ScotiaBank. It's called theft.

Sadly this needs to be spelled out, repeatedly, to apparently stone deaf and dead stupid BNS big shots. It all falls down sooner or later citizens.
Scotia is in the ditch for a maximum of $11,250,000. I would wager that everything is racked to the last possible nickle right this instant. ($9.8m gonzo in the 3 weeks ended Dec 31, 2018) I would bet the stinkfarm BNS will never see any of it back. NADA.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Alex Tapscott spanked by OSC for Blockchain Fraud

Alex Tapscott has entered into a settlement agreement with the Ontario Securities Commission over the marketing of his ill-fated blockchain venture. The regulator accused Tapscott of making "untrue and misleading" representations when he was soliciting investors in mid-2017.

The pp raised $20m from 113 accredited investors who were "deprived ... to make a fully informed investment decision." After the first pp, NextBlock laid the groundwork for a listing and another financing. That process was abandoned after Forbes reported on the 'advisors' who had nothing to do with the deal.
NextBlock promoted itself as offering "unique access to the new Internet of value." Proceeds, which aimed to raise $100m, were supposed to go toward acquiring "blockchain related assets." The company said it remains "as confident and excited as ever about the promise of blockchain technology."
When CIBC learned Tapscott was stacking his advisory board with people who declined to be advisors, they walked. Canaccord, which was also in the arrangement, didn’t. They appear the biggest scammers of all. Tapscott will be paying $300k in fines personally and NextBlock paying $700k in fines plus another $100k to cover costs of the investigation. Tapscott agreed to pay a $25,000 civil penalty to the SEC.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Jackson et al claim $1m from Montego Resources - MY.c

Jackson and his BridgeMark cabal are claiming to be owed a combined $1-million. The suit claims that Montego is overdue in paying the money, which is secured by all of the company's assets. The allegations are contained in a notice of claim filed at the Vancouver courthouse by four lenders ... 1084768 B.C. Ltd., Caprock Ventures Corp., Northwest Marketing and Management Inc., and Yoon Kyung Kim. According to the suit, the group provided loans to Montego on Nov. 14, 2017, with each entity lending $240,000 or $260,000.
Interest was to be at 8% and the loans were to mature on Nov. 14, 2018. Adam Cegielski CEO and BridgeMark's Jackson have sparred in court filings repeatedly in recent months.
See ----->Jackson sues Eyecarrot Innovations Corp. (EYC.c) over unpaid fees

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Louis Dion back at what he does best

Career securities criminal Louis Dion is back in business in Vancouver according to our mysterious sources, and that business is ripping folks off.

This was Louie in better years ... when he ISN'T telling the tallest tales possible to the FBI to avoid a wicked long jail sentence in America. Course his many voluminous denials of innocence didn't help at all and he went to a Federal jail for 47 months for attempting to bribe brokers.

Louis Dion background goes back decades and is ENTIRELY about securities fraud. It's what he 'does' and ALL of what he does. Busted red-handed in an FBI sting and now I'd bet that K9 won't be crossing the border again in that remaining lifetime.

Hoping for a prosperous 2011, Louis Dion and managing director Ania Morton will launch their
"How stock promoter Louis Dion's bingo promotion went bust. As noted in my column last Saturday, I have found a lot of evidence that Vancouver stock promoter Louis Dion is a key figure behind Vancouver's newest gambling website,"

"In Thursday's column, I reported that two earlier gambling-related companies in which he was directly or indirectly involved - Dion Entertainment Corp. and Double Eagle Entertainment Inc. -crashed and burned in grand style."

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Jackson sues Eyecarrot Innovations Corp. (EYC.c) over unpaid fees

Anthony Jackson's Bridgemark, which is at the center of a massive B.C. Securities Commission case over abusive share issuances, has filed a lawsuit against Eyecarrot Innovations Corp. - EYC.c over unpaid fees.

According to the suit, Eyecarrot has failed to pay fees to Jackson and Bridgemark.
Bridgemark identifies itself as a provider of bookkeeping and accounting services. The sole defendant is Eyecarrot, which touts itself as a developer of software for those with vision problems.

The problems have to do with Jackson's work as Eyecarrot's CFO. He served in that role until January, 2019, with his compensation to go through Bridgemark. According to the suit, Jackson's pay for acting as CFO was $5,512 per month, but he claims that the company has not paid him since March, 2017.

Cegielski and Jackson are both directors of Montego Resources Inc.
Records show another of Montego’s investors was 1084768 B.C. Ltd., which is directed by Lisa Jackson. In 2016, 1084768 reportedly owned shares in a company purchased by Prize. ASC respondent David Schmidt, who is also a hearing respondent to the BCSC, also owned shares in the company bought by Prize.

495 Communications - Craig M. Paia - Update II

There are developing developments with outrageous GOOD.v. This being so we've been taking another, closer gander at the Konstantin Litchenwald stroked 'business acquisition report' for 495 Communications (51-102F4) filed on Sedar Feb 26th. Terms are US$3.5m cash, a cash earn-out of up to a maximum of US$5.5m and US$6m in cash or through the issuance of common shares. We know Craig M. Paia was the sole shareholder of 495 Communications. Numbers show 'members equity' of $ 1.1m to go along with AR of $3.9m and payables of $ 4.1m. Enterprise lost $ 527k in 2018. In Sept 2018 cash was $281,668 and there were NO OTHER ASSETS.
A $ 15m deal for an enterprise that MIGHT, on a very good day, be 'worth' one fuk of a lot less than $ 1.5m. We aren't talking about something a BIT too expensive, we're talking 10X+. And this is simply one deal of a score of others, all grossly expensive and structured the same grotesque way.

Lighthouse Digital Inc. - 2802 Flintrock Trace Ste 360 Austin, TX 78738 is something called a 'virtual office'. Going rate is $ 75.
In what might have been revealing, a document was filed on Sedar April 8 regarding the contract between Lighthouse Digital Inc. ('495 Communications') and GOOD.v.

After wading through miles of legal mumbo jumbo, all of it referring to the schedules, we find ALL of the schedules have been redacted. i.e. they aren't there.

It's all a 'trade secret', naturally. Basically this document is less than useless and public types will have to 'trust' Jesse/Mikie on the $ 15m acquisition entirely.
One wonders, very mightily, how on earth the laughable Jersey Boy Craig Pavia has avoided any mention from Jesse Dylan and/or Micheal Woodman. $15 fukkin million getting flipped off to this goofus and he doesn't get the slightest hint of recognition despite being billed as the 'owner' of 495 Communications and the main recipient of the loot?

As I say citizens, this scam is so damn obvious it's not that much of a challenge. Stay tuned. I'd bet the baby's college fund nothing 'GOOD' will come from this terd's background.
We have received a rumor (gotta love/hate em) that 2 GOOD.v customer accounts, owing many multi-millions, were inexplicably (gasp, what a shocking surprise) closed in December. Only time will tell how accurate that might be.