Monday, May 27, 2019

Alex 'Blackie' Black revisited Again - RIO2

We have taken a quick gander after reading some comments from bent-over types. Sure enough, there are 20 upper management types for an enterprise 'doing' nada fukkin thing. NOTHING.

This pure rubbish is so far gone it ain't funny, and for more evidence we look to a company that 'locks' the content of it's presentation (and website) for GOOF management reasons alone. Content is soooooo secret it hurts, believe that citizens.

My personal horrid chitbag of great insult is Moo cow CFO bean stroker Katherine Johnson. Without her special brand of open larceny Blackie would be hamstrung.

We've been following Mr. Alex Black for years and once held the man in the highest regard. It's been all downhill and with frightening velocity since the connect to BridgeMark scammery via dorkface DLA Piper lawyer/director Daniel Kenney was revealed.

We spent some time TRYING to figure out where $ 2.4m in 'subscription receipts' went to months ago. We left convinced this crew of A-holes must have stolen it. Latest numbers, besides revealing a $ 8.2m loss for a co 'doing' nada, reveals a large amount capitalized. Citizens, guess what that number might be. $ 2.4m? Yer good at this.
Alex 'Blackie' BlackSo what's the deal? There were significant leakages and unexplained insider buying after the subscription receipts closed. It absolutely APPEARED a gaggle of insider chitbags/fukheads had just scored a massive pay day. Black's uber lame video was a near admission of guilt.

Now, by some amazing co-incidence, that same amount has magically been booked into the property asset. How insulting is this fukkin crew? Not only do they rip stakeholder's off, they thereafter count the theft as an asset to be depreciated/amortized/depleted, etc.

Daniel Kenney