Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Jackson sues Eyecarrot Innovations Corp. (EYC.c) over unpaid fees

Anthony Jackson's Bridgemark, which is at the center of a massive B.C. Securities Commission case over abusive share issuances, has filed a lawsuit against Eyecarrot Innovations Corp. - EYC.c over unpaid fees.

According to the suit, Eyecarrot has failed to pay fees to Jackson and Bridgemark.
Bridgemark identifies itself as a provider of bookkeeping and accounting services. The sole defendant is Eyecarrot, which touts itself as a developer of software for those with vision problems.

The problems have to do with Jackson's work as Eyecarrot's CFO. He served in that role until January, 2019, with his compensation to go through Bridgemark. According to the suit, Jackson's pay for acting as CFO was $5,512 per month, but he claims that the company has not paid him since March, 2017.

Cegielski and Jackson are both directors of Montego Resources Inc.
Records show another of Montego’s investors was 1084768 B.C. Ltd., which is directed by Lisa Jackson. In 2016, 1084768 reportedly owned shares in a company purchased by Prize. ASC respondent David Schmidt, who is also a hearing respondent to the BCSC, also owned shares in the company bought by Prize.