Sunday, May 12, 2019

Louis Dion back at what he does best

Career securities criminal Louis Dion is back in business in Vancouver according to our mysterious sources, and that business is ripping folks off.

This was Louie in better years ... when he ISN'T telling the tallest tales possible to the FBI to avoid a wicked long jail sentence in America. Course his many voluminous denials of innocence didn't help at all and he went to a Federal jail for 47 months for attempting to bribe brokers.

Louis Dion background goes back decades and is ENTIRELY about securities fraud. It's what he 'does' and ALL of what he does. Busted red-handed in an FBI sting and now I'd bet that K9 won't be crossing the border again in that remaining lifetime.

Hoping for a prosperous 2011, Louis Dion and managing director Ania Morton will launch their
"How stock promoter Louis Dion's bingo promotion went bust. As noted in my column last Saturday, I have found a lot of evidence that Vancouver stock promoter Louis Dion is a key figure behind Vancouver's newest gambling website,"

"In Thursday's column, I reported that two earlier gambling-related companies in which he was directly or indirectly involved - Dion Entertainment Corp. and Double Eagle Entertainment Inc. -crashed and burned in grand style."