Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Mystery Man Matt 'MattFace' Hopkins assumes GOOD.v presidency - Update II

Alrighty then. Get a load of the latest from recently unveiled mystery man Matt 'MattFace' Hopkins. Our guy has aged significantly.

A three sentence bio for the new zillionaire that 'splains' nada thing --->https://glninc.ca/personnel/matt-hopkins/ and our question hasn't changed at all.

Where does MattFace live? The options are a) the UK or b) Texas. It becomes important when GOOD.v has flipped off multi-millions to a 'non-arms length' party, that being MattFace (Impression X). Another deal for $ 7m, mPlore, has been announced. Still undisclosed is that mPlore and Impression X are both MattFace.

Bret Polansky
So. Under the last rubbish released from this scam we now have ... "GLN is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada with offices in Newport Beach and Santa Monica California, New York and UK."

So Mattface is pulling down $12m+ for 2 worthless companies (undisclosed) based in Texas, and he hasn't been in America at all for decades. Sure, why not? Nothing suspicious there. Pffffft. 'EBITDA' me some more Jesse/Mikie you clowntard.
Uber mystery man Matt Hopkins is presumably less so now with the latest of an announcement of GOOD.v President.

"Good Life has a long-standing working relationship with Mr. Hopkins and a number of his companies and has a strong appreciation of his operational excellence."

Yes indeed, an undisclosed 'working relationship' until right this second for many many millions of bucks belonging to stakeholders and ScotiaBank getting flipped off thereto.
It is only a matter of weeks before the next load of CFO Litchenwald stroked numbers appear from this fraud.
See ----->mPlore for utter dummies