Tuesday, June 25, 2019

TKO.t - Taseko Revisited Again - Redux

Russell Hallbauer
This time around Russell Hallbauer of TKO.t is spewing about an amended aquifer protection permit. And it's another one of his too amazing 'milestones' to boot.

And aligned are things? Holy fuk, citizens don't need to worry about that at ALL. Listen to the new main dorkus ... "We now have the three key initiatives -- technical, permitting and financing -- all aligned." This is precisely the same rerun of the HDI bullchit from 9 years ago. These boys will very likely be spewing the same rubbish another 9 years from now.

Stuart McDonald

The HDI boyotards have been spewing sweet nothings about the 'first copper production' from the test facility at Florence. Some are impressed stupid and infused with extreme bullishism over TKO.t paper and prospects of massive profits. We wish said pure retards luck with that.

It is now FAR PAST 8 years of hurricanes of hot worthless air from HDI tards and the latest is simply a continuation of the same. First key take-a-way is the FACT it's a very small (3 hole + monitoring holes) test facility built strictly to get regulatory approval for an aquifer permit. Paper wasn't helped by numbers that revealed a $7.93m loss in Q1. Taseko's 75-per-cent-owned Gibraltar mine can't operate profitably at current copper prices.

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