Sunday, June 30, 2019

RavenQuest BioMed - RQB.c presents the 'unbalance sheet'

In what's clearly a first for this cowboy, we have management types of this joke offering up something slightly non - GAAP alrighty ... the fukkin unbalance sheet. Amazingly, this one wasn't even tried by the BridgeMark scumbags.

Whomever is stroking the ridiculous beans here seems to have misplaced $1m somehow. Gotta hate when that happens eh? Gezzus Christ.

So take a bow David Cross CFO. Keep up the amazing work.
You take a bow too CEO George Robinson. Kudos yet again to 'Deep Dive'.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

TKO.t - Taseko Revisited Again - Redux

Russell Hallbauer
This time around Russell Hallbauer of TKO.t is spewing about an amended aquifer protection permit. And it's another one of his too amazing 'milestones' to boot.

And aligned are things? Holy fuk, citizens don't need to worry about that at ALL. Listen to the new main dorkus ... "We now have the three key initiatives -- technical, permitting and financing -- all aligned." This is precisely the same rerun of the HDI bullchit from 9 years ago. These boys will very likely be spewing the same rubbish another 9 years from now.

Stuart McDonald

The HDI boyotards have been spewing sweet nothings about the 'first copper production' from the test facility at Florence. Some are impressed stupid and infused with extreme bullishism over TKO.t paper and prospects of massive profits. We wish said pure retards luck with that.

It is now FAR PAST 8 years of hurricanes of hot worthless air from HDI tards and the latest is simply a continuation of the same. First key take-a-way is the FACT it's a very small (3 hole + monitoring holes) test facility built strictly to get regulatory approval for an aquifer permit. Paper wasn't helped by numbers that revealed a $7.93m loss in Q1. Taseko's 75-per-cent-owned Gibraltar mine can't operate profitably at current copper prices.

See ----->TKO.t - Taseko Revisited

Friday, June 21, 2019

GOOD.v financing falls flat - Jesse/Mikie throws keggar

Poor MattFace doggie has no bone in mother Hubbard's cubboard as the $5m deal collapses under the weight of it's lies. Undaunted, Mikie/Jesse spewed about 'evolution' and '$20-billion more than what will be spent on TV!'
God bless you Mikie/Jesse/Gezzus.

These insulting clowns are a bunch of conmen and this space has no qualms saying so, again and for as many times as it takes.

The latest is enigmatic legal threats. If these dopes think that is gonna intimidate me, well, give it a try. Pfffft, dogs.
MattFace has negotiated strenuously with himself and reduced the up front sales price of his 1000% pure fukkin worthless mPlore. God Bless you too MattFace, give yerself a raise based on performance.

STILL there is no disclosure that mPlore is 100% owned by MattFace and we know this as a dead certain fact because he registered the iffing thing. This scam isn't even near being a clever scam.

Mikie/Jesse if you REALLY want me to show you terds your filthy azzholes in BCSC use your own (stolen) money, not stakeholders.
to jesse (

Thinking about that heinous, crooked anus of yours.

I torpedoed your $5m you chitface, what are going to do about it?

See ----->mPlore for utter dummies

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Richard Mills - 'In front of the Herd' - MXR.v - Update

So tubbywad Richard Mills reposted fraudulent photos a day before a dopey NR. The day AFTER his tout this paper opened at $.085 on a huge wave of selling. Upshot? Richard Mills is EQUALLY as crooked as his masa Brett Matich.

Shame Richard Mills you crooked thieving terd.
We don't think much of professional toutsters of venture krap to begin with. A body is hard pressed to figure out which is worse ... career securities scumbags or the peons doing their work for next to nothing. Poster boy Richard Mills (aka 'nopoo' on SH) was one of the first paid whores and spewed much about 'Wits3'.

Today, what a shocking surprise, the paper is at 52 week lows and anybody taking Richard Mills 'advice' has lost 75% in months. The open terd has managed to both get my attention AND piss me off this time.
Time for a name change ... 'Behind the herd's anus'
The genesis of this truly revolting promotion was fraudulent photos. Matich dished them up on day one and it turns out they must have come from elsewhere because assays there are none at all. LATEST from scuzzybag Richard Mills is the REPOSTING of those photos for another fukkin tout. Unreal it truly is. The man touts himself as an 'expert'. The only thing Richard Mills is 'good' for is lying for chitbags for pay whilst they steal from folks.
He sums up his genius with a bullish call on copper. See ---> I swears. ONE LOOK at Richard Mills would be enough to make me LOL at the 'expert'. (in cow anus)
See ----->Brett Matich Revisited - MXR.v -Update

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

GOOD.v - Kicking the near dead horsie

Diving GOOD.v financials is a lesson in dirt buried in the notes. The pooh is likely buried in there if a body gets determined enough. Anyway. $14.5m acquisition 495 Communications generated revenues of $2,533,887 and had a net Litchenwald 'income' of $168,475 in Q1. That would not cover interest. MattFace's $6.5m 'Impression X' generated revenues of $498,287 and had a net loss of $433 in Q1.

So there we go. We didn't need more evidence of how horrid terrible bad and far gone this horror show is, it jumps out all by itself. That would be $21m gonzo and nothing coming back. Fact.
There was a 'follow-up' on MattFace today and how this gold was overlooked a month ago isn't clear. What a damn dork, with OTHER dorks. The snakeoil is coming in 45 gallon drums from these sad sacks. Could poodleface Bret Polansky look any more bored? Leave the gum at home next time you dopey K9. Pffft.

As far as content goes MattFace is full of chit. This operation has no sales force and NO flim-flam enterprises I looked at are 'recruiting' or 'signing up' anything. MattFace's LinkedIn has changed. He appears based in Newport Beach, and that's not correct. He also neglects to mention anything about very expensive 'Impression X' which is curious considering he registered the worthless thing.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Conman Solomon Riby-Williams - CannaOne Technologies Inc. - CNNA.c

Watching total chit CNNA.c 'trade' is a case study in criminals cornering the float. This can NEVER be maintained.

1.01.16 · 1.360.91.36-0.01-0.737.651251.36  1.37  1.34

Latest from Solomon Riby-Williams is a $250k debenture. If 12% interest ain't enough, the lender gets a 20% discount on this paper on conversion. Convertible debentures are a common way to fuk shareholders over.

Solomon Riby-Williams - "The securing of this financing continues to show the staunch support and validation by the investment community."

What a large chunk of walking dogchit, and yes folks this mutt is accused of running a boiler room targeting 'vulnerable seniors'. At over a $ 30m market cap, SoloTerd will be needing MANY 'vulnerable seniors'

See ----->BCSC issues ALERT for CannaOne Technologies Inc. - Solomon Riby-Williams

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Bert Duncan - Canada Carbon - CCB.v

info@canadacarbon.comWe have followed career securities dopeface fukhead Robert Bruce Duncan for eons. If ever there was a good for nothing 'management' it would be Bert and the little woman CFO beancounter. His long running lost cause is graphite in Quebec. Bert has more legal kerfuffles, this time against activist group Mining Watch. "Without prior permission ... at least one Mining Watch operative, decided to trespass on the Canada Carbon Miller graphite claim area."
A criminal complaint was filed on May 28, 2019 for mischief.
Bert has no graphite resource and never will because it's in uber thin veins and every single drill hole is blank. Undeterred, he decided he had chitloads of highly valuable marble, and once he dug that out the graphite would jump out by itself. Enter the local government who has issues with an open pit for some reason. This dopey co and it's laughable management seem to believe they are creating shareholder value.

That's Bert. Latest is a very long, very stupid letter to the Quebec government, crying.
"The company would appreciate having a sit-down meeting with Mr. Legault and Mr. Julien to discuss the real facts related to Canada Carbon and GSLR." Fuk off Bert.