Sunday, June 2, 2019

Bert Duncan - Canada Carbon - CCB.v

info@canadacarbon.comWe have followed career securities dopeface fukhead Robert Bruce Duncan for eons. If ever there was a good for nothing 'management' it would be Bert and the little woman CFO beancounter. His long running lost cause is graphite in Quebec. Bert has more legal kerfuffles, this time against activist group Mining Watch. "Without prior permission ... at least one Mining Watch operative, decided to trespass on the Canada Carbon Miller graphite claim area."
A criminal complaint was filed on May 28, 2019 for mischief.
Bert has no graphite resource and never will because it's in uber thin veins and every single drill hole is blank. Undeterred, he decided he had chitloads of highly valuable marble, and once he dug that out the graphite would jump out by itself. Enter the local government who has issues with an open pit for some reason. This dopey co and it's laughable management seem to believe they are creating shareholder value.

That's Bert. Latest is a very long, very stupid letter to the Quebec government, crying.
"The company would appreciate having a sit-down meeting with Mr. Legault and Mr. Julien to discuss the real facts related to Canada Carbon and GSLR." Fuk off Bert.