Thursday, December 30, 2021

Bo Bo Bert Abenante back - EV Battery Technologies - ACDC.c

This complete chit has released Q3 numbers and revenues are zero. To go along with that the boys blew $1m on 'advertising' in 3 months. 442m worthless shares are now outstanding, up from the 332m worthless shares 90 days previous. Ridiculous scammery, end of sentence.
Latest is news of 24m shares out the door with no disclosure whilst two directors resigned. New director Taryn Stemp was an executive assistant at Abattis Bioceuticals. "Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp. has entered into a share exchange agreement to acquire CryptoPlug Technologies Inc., an entity developing a blockchain-based, crypto-compatible application for smart phones. As compensation for the acquisition and pursuant to the agreement, the company will be issuing 24 million common shares of the company, at a price of 25 cents per common share, to the shareholders of CryptoPlug, for a deemed transaction valuation of $6-million." There is zero, and we do mean zero internet presence for CryptoPlug Technologies Inc.

Crooktard Bo Bo Bert Abenante in the infamous 'BridgeMark Crooked Basterds' photo with Aly Babu Mawji and Justin Liu.

"We were lucky to get Mr. Abenante, as he has been a very valuable asset to our team"

One can't keep a wicked horrid crooked MFer down for long in Vancouver and for proof of that we have 'Bo Bo' Bert Abenante of the massive large BridgeMark offense. He's a "valuable asset" at EV Battery Tech. (ACDC.c) Folks best give their rock head a shake if they are buried in this pure garbage. EV Battery Tech’s President and CEO is Bryson Goodwin.

Taryn Stemp
It's a major indictment that THIS sickening example ain't banned for life from capital markets right this instant. IF this was the US I don't doubt for a moment Bo Bo Bert would be sitting in a federal jail cell. This 'man' is pretty much as bad as it can possibly get, even by Vancouver 'standards'.

Bryson Goodwin
"We firmly believe this temporary order will be a small blip in the Company’s drive to build shareholder wealth."

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