Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Conman Solomon Riby-Williams - CannaOne Technologies Inc. - CNNA.c

Watching total chit CNNA.c 'trade' is a case study in criminals cornering the float. This can NEVER be maintained.

1.01.16 · 1.360.91.36-0.01-0.737.651251.36  1.37  1.34

Latest from Solomon Riby-Williams is a $250k debenture. If 12% interest ain't enough, the lender gets a 20% discount on this paper on conversion. Convertible debentures are a common way to fuk shareholders over.

Solomon Riby-Williams - "The securing of this financing continues to show the staunch support and validation by the investment community."

What a large chunk of walking dogchit, and yes folks this mutt is accused of running a boiler room targeting 'vulnerable seniors'. At over a $ 30m market cap, SoloTerd will be needing MANY 'vulnerable seniors'

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