Friday, June 21, 2019

GOOD.v financing falls flat - Jesse/Mikie throws keggar

Poor MattFace doggie has no bone in mother Hubbard's cubboard as the $5m deal collapses under the weight of it's lies. Undaunted, Mikie/Jesse spewed about 'evolution' and '$20-billion more than what will be spent on TV!'
God bless you Mikie/Jesse/Gezzus.

These insulting clowns are a bunch of conmen and this space has no qualms saying so, again and for as many times as it takes.

The latest is enigmatic legal threats. If these dopes think that is gonna intimidate me, well, give it a try. Pfffft, dogs.
MattFace has negotiated strenuously with himself and reduced the up front sales price of his 1000% pure fukkin worthless mPlore. God Bless you too MattFace, give yerself a raise based on performance.

STILL there is no disclosure that mPlore is 100% owned by MattFace and we know this as a dead certain fact because he registered the iffing thing. This scam isn't even near being a clever scam.

Mikie/Jesse if you REALLY want me to show you terds your filthy azzholes in BCSC use your own (stolen) money, not stakeholders.
to jesse (

Thinking about that heinous, crooked anus of yours.

I torpedoed your $5m you chitface, what are going to do about it?

See ----->mPlore for utter dummies