Wednesday, June 12, 2019

GOOD.v - Kicking the near dead horsie

Diving GOOD.v financials is a lesson in dirt buried in the notes. The pooh is likely buried in there if a body gets determined enough. Anyway. $14.5m acquisition 495 Communications generated revenues of $2,533,887 and had a net Litchenwald 'income' of $168,475 in Q1. That would not cover interest. MattFace's $6.5m 'Impression X' generated revenues of $498,287 and had a net loss of $433 in Q1.

So there we go. We didn't need more evidence of how horrid terrible bad and far gone this horror show is, it jumps out all by itself. That would be $21m gonzo and nothing coming back. Fact.
There was a 'follow-up' on MattFace today and how this gold was overlooked a month ago isn't clear. What a damn dork, with OTHER dorks. The snakeoil is coming in 45 gallon drums from these sad sacks. Could poodleface Bret Polansky look any more bored? Leave the gum at home next time you dopey K9. Pffft.

As far as content goes MattFace is full of chit. This operation has no sales force and NO flim-flam enterprises I looked at are 'recruiting' or 'signing up' anything. MattFace's LinkedIn has changed. He appears based in Newport Beach, and that's not correct. He also neglects to mention anything about very expensive 'Impression X' which is curious considering he registered the worthless thing.