Thursday, June 13, 2019

Richard Mills - 'In front of the Herd' - MXR.v - Update

So tubbywad Richard Mills reposted fraudulent photos a day before a dopey NR. The day AFTER his tout this paper opened at $.085 on a huge wave of selling. Upshot? Richard Mills is EQUALLY as crooked as his masa Brett Matich.

Shame Richard Mills you crooked thieving terd.
We don't think much of professional toutsters of venture krap to begin with. A body is hard pressed to figure out which is worse ... career securities scumbags or the peons doing their work for next to nothing. Poster boy Richard Mills (aka 'nopoo' on SH) was one of the first paid whores and spewed much about 'Wits3'.

Today, what a shocking surprise, the paper is at 52 week lows and anybody taking Richard Mills 'advice' has lost 75% in months. The open terd has managed to both get my attention AND piss me off this time.
Time for a name change ... 'Behind the herd's anus'
The genesis of this truly revolting promotion was fraudulent photos. Matich dished them up on day one and it turns out they must have come from elsewhere because assays there are none at all. LATEST from scuzzybag Richard Mills is the REPOSTING of those photos for another fukkin tout. Unreal it truly is. The man touts himself as an 'expert'. The only thing Richard Mills is 'good' for is lying for chitbags for pay whilst they steal from folks.
He sums up his genius with a bullish call on copper. See ---> I swears. ONE LOOK at Richard Mills would be enough to make me LOL at the 'expert'. (in cow anus)
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