Saturday, July 27, 2019

BCSC freeze order on BridgeMark properties being challenged

Waterfront home at 2854 Bellevue Avenue, West Vancouver was purchased by Lisa Jackson and her father Ken Tollstam in November 2018.
Freeze orders under the Securities Act are not made public, however their existence was revealed in a BCSC judicial panel decision published on July 16. The court is to determine the constitutionality of the freeze orders.

It is being reported that at least one property related to the Bridgemark Group has been listed for sale during the investigation. The residence of convicted securities scammer Aly Babu Mawji and his spouse Denise Trainor in West Vancouver was listed for sale in February. Anthony Jackson’s wife, MacDonald Realty realtor Lisa Jackson, sold Mawji’s residence – assessed at $2.8m, in a cash transaction to a numbered company.

The BCSC is seeking a permanent ban on Mawji.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

GOOD.v - The end game

This ain't my first venture rodeo. This being so here's how this offense is likely to play out. The new CFO 'does' the massive write-down in 3 odd weeks because he must. (NOBODY would be stupid enough to sign off on somebody else's fraud.)

Once it's official the Bank of Nova Scotia has no security and NEVER had any security they will officially pull all credit lines, something I believe might have happened already, unofficially. Once it's known to the exchange that this horrid, horrid chit no longer meets minimum listing requirements (BNS owns everything, stakeholders own nada fukkin thing) it will be halted. Since there is no recovery possible it will thereafter be delisted. It can be over lightning quick too.
Mikie/Jesse, MattFace, and Craig Pavia walk away with millions of stolen money and the dopey remaining holders of this garbage finally realize they have lost every penny to conmen that for damn sure aren't even that 'good' at it.

Monday, July 22, 2019

BridgeMark's Konstantin Litchenwald FINALLY offloaded by GOOD.v

It is nearing end game for GOOD.v and for evidence of that we learn that the CFO that has engineered a massive multi-million accounting fraud will no longer be stroking the books. That pretty much guarantees that the new man will be making those massive, very long overdue write-downs in a few weeks.

I figure something around $30m could be in the cards to bring that insulting fiction closer to reality.
We have concluded that Haywood likely laid down the law with Jesse/Mikie and Praveen (Vareen) Varshney. We are suspecting highly they mandated insider money before any of their own and may have pressured GOOD.v to offload the ridiculously dirty Litchenwald.

Any way sliced nothing 'good' can possibly accrue to this offense. We have information Bank of Nova Scotia has pulled ALL credit facilities. Since there is no way in hell Good.v will be returning what was stolen, it means BNS owns everything, right down to the pencils.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Delta 9 Cannabis Inc - NINE.v

Take a gander at the so called pot being peddled by Delta 9 Cannabis Inc. This totally worthless garbage is what is called 'shake'. It often comes from pruning buds, and at best it might be used to make 'pot oil'. It is USUALLY thrown away by growers as worthless. Not the too astute businessmen/conmen at Delta 9. To them this is money from idiots for nothing. A brilliant money spinner.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Namaste Technologies Inc. - N.v

Lets let 'Deep Dive' sum Namaste Technologies Inc. up. "Management paid $1.3m during the quarter, which is roughly 33% of revenues for the quarter. Total related party for the quarter comes in at $2.18m, 54.6% of revenues".

So sure. Co is throwing a keggar with an $8.6m quarterly loss on $4m in revenues. Co is bleeding red ink at a growing, VERY alarming rate. Far too much dough is going straight into insider pockets. Pass, and I mean damn.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

BCSC Class Action Lawsuit filed against BridgeMark - Update

Mawji and Liu
103. The Scheme was conceived by Jackson, Liu, Paddock, and Mawji in or around January 2018 ...

104. Jackson, Liu, Paddock, and Mawji then promoted the Scheme to the other Purported Consultants

107. The consulting agreements entered into between the Issuers and the Purported Consultants and concluded as part of the Private Placements were a scam and a false pretence. Neither the Purported Consultants nor the Issuers had any bona-fide expectation that services of any real value would be provided under the consultant agreements, and no such services were provided.
112. These representations were false, and were known to be so by the Issuers who made them, by the Issuer Officers and Directors who authorized the representations on behalf of the Issuers, and by the Purported Consultants ...
308. The Scheme, was dishonest, deceitful and deceptive, and constituted a fraud on the market for the Issuers’ shares affecting the public market price of those shares, contrary to s. 380(1)(a) and s. 380(2) of the Criminal Code, R.S.C. 1985, c-46, as amended (the “Criminal Code”), and conduct resulting in or contributing to a misleading appearance of trading activity in the Issuers’ shares, contrary to s. 57 of the Securities Act. Jackson, Liu, Paddock and Mawji became parties to an agreement to commit fraud contrary to s. 380(1)(a) and s. 380(2) of the Criminal Code and to engage in conduct resulting or contributing to misleading appearance of trading activity contrary to s. 57 of the Securities Act (the “Unlawful Conspiracy”).
An action was commenced in the Supreme Court of British Columbia on July 11, 2019 (Tietz and Loewen v. Bridgemark Financial Corp. et al.) The action was brought under the B.C. Class Proceedings Act.


Bennett Mounteer LLP -
400 - 856 Homer Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 2W5
Mailing List:

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Our Kung Fu is strong - Jesse/Mikie buttock black and blue - Update

"The closing date of the offering is scheduled to be on or about June 28, 2019"
Mikie/Jesse GoodTards have been silent as reindeer. MUST BE this space's kung fu has kicked heinous buttock right (the fuk) outta here.
I call my art 'wrassling ass-kick kung fu'®.

Come back for more Jessie/Mikie, and bring doggie MattFace and that damn beancounter too. I can do this forever.
Suspicious eyebrow raise®

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Chit hitting Canntrust - TRST.t (CTST.n) fan - Peter Aceto - Update V

The holding company sold a further $5m in Canntrust shares over the next 30 days. The Globe and Mail is reporting Eric Paul and director Mark Litwin sold nearly $1m worth of shares on Nov. 16th. That was the same day a Canntrust executive sent, and Paul replied to, an e-mail that outlined the company's illicit growing operations.
Latest is the news that Aceto has been fired and Paul is leaving the BoD. "Canntrust Holdings Inc. has made immediate senior management changes ... to terminate with cause Canntrust chief executive officer Peter Aceto. In addition, the board of directors demanded the resignation of the company's chair Eric Paul, and he complied."

Spewage? Pfffffft. K9s were and are dirty as hell. They played stupid basterds to try and ride it out but leaks and superior reporting fuked them up. And to fail to resign when zillions of other folks money is at stake? These two are boneyard dogs beneath contempt.
Peter Aceto, left, appears in a promotional video from early 2019 that was shot at the company’s Pelham facility. Grow room RG8 can be seen in the background.A CannTrust promo video showed CEO Aceto standing in front of the unlicensed room. The video, which was published by CannTrust’s YouTube account on Feb. 27, 2019, (since removed) shows company CEO Peter Aceto chatting with a plant production manager outside a room full of cannabis plants. The plants can be seen through what appears to be a plastic wall with metal hinges. Five former employees identified the room in the video as RG8 or Range 8.
The Globe and Mail is reporting on leaked e-mails which show Aceto and the TRST.t board knew very well about illegal growing in November 2018.

In an e-mail dated Nov. 16, 2018, Graham Lee, CannTrust’s director of quality and compliance, informed Aceto and other top executives about a Health Canada inspection that had just been completed. It had revealed several compliance breaches but missed the plants growing in unlicensed rooms.
Eric PaulWe dodged some bullets,” Mr. Lee wrote. “[Health Canada] did not ask about RG8E/W, which are unlicensed rooms currently full of plants.

'change agent' Peter Aceto
Health Canada seized hundreds of kilograms of cannabis from CannTrust Holdings Inc. following an inspection three years ago, demonstrating a long history of compliance failure.

From April 2015 to March 2018, there were 15 major or critical observations made by Health Canada during site inspections at CannTrust locations. The seizure of more than 377 kg of pot took place following a targeted review by federal inspectors who found the company stored four times more cannabis in a security vault than it was licensed to. A CannTrust spokesperson said that “mistakes were made.” Rumor suggests the co is looking at a 1 year license ban, which would effectively torpedo it.

"Wow, 1st day @CannTrust was fun and exciting." - peter8aceto@gmail.comBig cheesewad Peter Aceto was smacked 2 days ago by a Health Canada audit with a 'non-compliant rating' which revealed the co had grown and distributed some 5,200 kilograms of dried cannabis without legal authority. 7,500 kg of dried cannabis equivalent was found to be produced in 5 unlicensed rooms. "Our team has focused on building a culture of transparency, trust and excellence in every aspect of our business ..."
'False and inaccurate' information was provided to the regulator by Canntrust.

Along with a massive tidal wave of US class action lawsuits, we learn today the pot was shipped across Canada and internationally. The question now is why isn't Mr. Aceto being charged as a criminal drug producer and smuggler? Clearly that's what he is.

His response? "Getting to understand what happened here is a priority."

Monday, July 8, 2019

Best Cannabis Report in North America - Echelon Wealth Management - Update

We uploaded the latest document for review/download. Click on cover.
Lets applaud (again) the awesome efforts of Mr. Matthew Pallotta ( and his associate Mr. Andrew Semple (

Citizens are encouraged to contact Mr. Pallotta or Mr. Semple and see if they might add your name to the distribution list for future issues.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

How to set your dopey self on fire - Aurelio Useche, Relevium Technologies Inc.

Lets put em together for massive braincramp and career securities neer do well Mr. Aureliuo Useche of Relevium Technologies Inc. (RLV.c)

Useche is pretty damn impressed with himself, and proves it with a public shareholder letter threatening blogger Chris Parry with high court litigation over his 'misleading statements' at EquityGuru.

The pompasAss, if he does carry through on his clearly misguided threats, will cost holders 6 figures in months and with no possibility of 'success' whatever. He has already brought far more attention to his nefariousness.

"This statement makes Mr. Parry liable for defamation, libel and false light and I am taking this matter very seriously, under the advice of my legal counsel." ('False light'? WTF Useche. You are claiming a civil tort concerning your privacy as you run a public company?)

Shove it up your dopey, crooked, 'very serious' asshole Sir and if you are determined to sue somebody (with others' money) bring it here. I promise Mr.Useche to show you and the public your filthy anus at very great expense. Your welcome. (And naturally this threatening enterprise is losing in excess of $ 4m per year already).
"In the last 12 months, the Company has engaged Renmark Financial Communications to provide investor relations services, and Emerging Growth, LLC, Empire Relations Holdings, LLC, Equity Insight Inc., Follow the Money Investment Group, Mediant Communications, MI3 Communication, Investing News Network, Frontier Flex Marketing, Stock House Publishing Ltd., Stonebridge Partners, LLC and Shore Thing to provide marketing services."

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Tsilhqot’in Nation protesting Taseko, again

The Tsilhqot’in Nation says it will continue to protect what it considers a sacred lake from Taseko Mines Ltd. The company gave a two-week notice that it plans to begin exploratory drilling in an area west of Williams Lake at Teztan Biny — or Fish Lake — after the Supreme Court refused an appeal of a B.C. court ruling which allowed Taseko to proceed.

Tsilhqot’in Tribal Chairman Chief Joe Alphonse said his group are choosing to stage a protest in a safe place. This is the latest confrontation in a legal battle extending almost 25 years between the Tsilhqot’in Nation and Taseko.

The environmental track record of these capitalists is far beyond the sickening. Stakeholder money is never an object when it comes to stomping on the environment.