Thursday, August 1, 2019

Plateau Energy Metals Inc - PLU.v - Alex Holmes - Update III

Ain't much certain in this life. One of em is counting on Mr. Mark Turner to turn into a wet hen when crossed. Our guy didn't fail us and came out swinging against the offensive tard Holmes. This one takes the iffing cake. Mr. Alex 'Liar Liar' Holme's definition of 'full, plain, and true' disclosure is unique and a fraud.
Yeah so Mr. Alex 'Liar Liar' Holmes has all the answers and it's an 'administrative nature' and not issued via a court and the co hasn't lost anything at all.

I swear if this 'man' figures this load of fukkin garbage is gonna fly with anybody with grey material, well. Just for perspective this is the FIRST disclosure from Holmey and the chit hit the fan in Feb. This co's problems were and are massive, starting with a retard needing to resign because he's clueless about 'full, plain, and true' disclosure.
The rulings are INGEMMET 405 dated February 14th 2019 and ruling 464 dated February 20th. 32 concession blocks held by the wholly owned subsidiary of Plateau Energy have not had payments made for two consecutive years and those concessions are now lapsed. The company had until March 31st to appeal, which they did. They lost and are banned from bidding on the ground again.
Alrighty gentle readers, prepare your gentle anuses for the bloody damn near fully (fukkin) unbelievable this time. Say howdy do to capitalist extraordinary Mr. Alex Holmes. What's his thing? Llama poop in Peru mostly and that puts it squarely into the domain of the annoying but often too smartass Mark Turner at IncaKola.

On March 14th Turner spewed about this dopeshow losing it's claims for non-payment. The next day said dopeshow issued this classic, assuring it's suckers/stakeholders that all was well and legal action was in the cards against that LYING basterd Turner. Yeah. So now I'm compelled to let Turner sum up the heinousness of it all ...
3) Yesterday, it emerged that Plateau Energy was lying through its teeth and that IKN (i.e. me) had provided the true story.
  • Its concessions were not in good standing.
  • There was no misinformation.
  • PLU has just lost its appeal and lost its concessions.
  • And now its my turn to consider legal action for defamation, you lying fucker Alex Holmes. 
IKN Kung Fu is strong.

So the garbage chit is halted now and with no flagship property and no way to bid on getting the flagship property back (they are banned) one wonders why this junk should ever trade again. This form of management boneheadism is fully surrealistic. Even by venture standards this is epic.