Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Tinka Stinka TK.v - Mark Turner at IncaKola - update

Dopey McDope Mr. Mark Turner was turfed from Google's Adsense and in response set up shop on Wordpress. The 'new and improved' sucks asshole. Mark Turner's threadbare garbage isn't worth looking at. To make up for that he's upped his subscription rates. One wonders who PAYS to take continuously bad advice. Poor Marky got his terd in a twist recently when TK.v decided to drill for silver. He threatened to sell every share. Gasp. You tell em Marky Tard. Don't take that chit.
I don't necessarily dislike Mark Turner on every level ... just one or two of the most important ones. He is not a stupid man, and often he manages to find a way to spew wisdom. That dopey ego of his is fully beyond compare however. Case in point is Tinka Resources Ltd. - TK.v

Turner nearly chit himself stupid when this thing sewered from the $.60 levels. It's a screaming BUY! says he. The saying for this utter boneheadism is 'never try to catch a falling knife.'

Fundamental news from Tinka Resources Limited - TK.v. was all about a very long awaited PEA. Whatever that document means precisely, and I certainly know nada, the market wasn't impressed with it's content. At all. THIS is the reality. Latest from MonkeyBoy is more breathless stupidity about what an even BETTER deal of a lifetime it is. Pfffft.

Take-a-way? The obvious is to stick with what you 'know' and never suppose yer genius is greater than the market. Arrogance and being unable to walk away because you get emotionally stuck to a deal is pure black magic for creating losses far greater than they should be. Instead of a serious haircut, it's a 60%+ capital wipeout. God bless you Mark Turner for showing us what NOT to bloody do. Please shut yer hole now. Thanks.
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