Saturday, October 2, 2021

Garibaldi Resources GGI.v - Steve Regoci - Update 'Chambers'

It has been MANY moons since I gave a flying fuk about this Eric Sprott lost cause. The horsechit was insulting, naturally, and also of course (a horse) this crap is now at 52 week lows. Ore pods are not something to lose all yer money on.
Garibaldi drills 4.9 m of 5.46% Ni at Nickel Mountain

"Garibaldi Resources Corp.'s latest assay results from Nickel Mountain continue to build on high-grade nickel sulphide mineralization near surface in multiple zones, while significant new potential is being identified at depth with EL-19-54's confirmation of a mineralized chamber and the discovery of another mineralized chamber, both in addition to the main E&L chamber. " Dr. Peter Lightfoot, technical adviser to Garibaldi, commented: "One of the grand unifying features ..." These open crooked basterds annoy me greatly. What TOTAL bullshit over a 'discovery' made in 1966. This is now the 6th fukkin time for poking that grossly well defined pod.
This is a hand drawn map from 1966, the GGI.v property. (Click) This shows with extreme clarity what the 'discovery hole' (hole 14) is all about. The 3 month old assays were non-conforming and smeared.
'Grade smearing' is where a very high-grade intercept is improperly 'spread' over a larger width. This is done to make it appear bigger.