Monday, September 30, 2019

554 kg of chit Sundial Growers pot returned - SNDL.q - Update II

Hats off, yet again, to 'Deep Dive' for asking us ... "certain $SNDL executives get a "monthly living allowance" for some unknown reason."

This example pretty much takes the pot cake. $18m each and every year for THIS group of completely incompetent, money losing dolts?

There ain't much happiness in pot these days and sad sacks don't get a lot sadder than the dopey dopes at SNDL.q

On the heels of a whooping $18.3m quarterly loss, with the co touting it's 'consistent cultivation outperformance', today we have news that Zenabis Global returned a half metric ton of pot bought from Sundial Growers because it contained mold and bits of plastic gloves. That half ton is roughly 12% of Sundial's second quarter cannabis sales. Sundial neglected to inform stakeholders of the return.
Sundial Growers Inc. announced the closing of its IPO Aug. 6, 2019. 11,000,000 common shares at a price of US$13.00 per share for gross proceeds of US$143m.

Sundial Growers corporate communications manager Sophie Pilon said in an email, “I’m not really sure what you are referring to.”

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Mr. Jesse Dylan reports - Good Life blames big tech for failing

After hardly 30 days after getting busted red-handed, Jesse/Mikie is back in the saddle, "reporting" stuff. Why would anybody care? 'Good' point, butt (_*_) the FULLY innocent Mikie/Jesse was a victim of gasp, heinous 'big tech' conspiracy.

If dummies can swallow THAT, well step right up, Jesse/Mikie has another deal of a lifetime just for you.

FACT is Jesse/Mikie is a criminal conman that OUGHT to be in handcuffs right this instant.
Stephanie Ratza and Praveen Varshney have resigned from the board of directors. Mathew Lee has resigned as CFO and is replaced by Ying Xu.

Friday, September 27, 2019

John Briner Revisited Again - Fraser Valley Hops Farms

There has been an upsurge in eyeballs looking into career securities scammer and dis-barred ex-lawyer John D. Briner. Naturally we assume something must be up with that wicked horrid K9. We have rumors that his most recent hi-jacked business has hit severe turbulence.

As some may recall Briner turned himself into a hops guru overnight by ripping off his employers client list. Our rumor suggests that his business is on it's last legs if not taters up. We've taken a gander at material on reddit from his customers and Briner is/was a fraud artist in the hops business too.
There is something called Lupulin powder, which is a purified concentration of all the resin compounds and essential oils that create hop flavours and aromas in a beer. It's expensive. Briner's Lupulin powder turned out to be hops tossed into a blender, run through a sieve, then sold in unmarked, sealed bags.
We have yet to dissect Fraser Valley Hops Farms again. According to their Ponzi type website things could not possibly be any better. Not. Besides the Ponzi scheme these dopes are selling securities, and openly.

See ----->John Briner sued by ex-employer Chilliwack Hop Farms Ltd.
See ----->Fraser Valley Hop - Update II

Sunday, September 22, 2019

PKK.c 'consultant' David Alexander Kuznecov

Dispositions – David Alexander Kuznecov

7-1-2000 – 5000 $.42
28-1-2000 – 8500 $ .40
7-2-2000 – 8500 $.39
7-2-2000 – 8000 $.43
9-2-2000 – 6500 $.53
9-2-2000 – 7500 $.45
10-2-2000 -5000 $.64
10-2-2000 -5000 $.69
In July 1997 David Alexander Walter Kuznecov, then a broker at Yorkton Securities Inc., was fined $11,500 and suspended for 30 days by the VSE for executing a huge number of false trades.

In 1999 he was CFO of Fountain House Holdings FHH.v when co announced ... "Minimum revenue of the contract is $21.5 million per annum. (4,400 at $180 per unit) and consumables to FHUSA. Including Drinkscentres and C02 cylinders this initial order totals $845,000. The Company has already shipped and received payment for 300 Drinkscentres ..." Sales were in fact, absolutely zero. Co never reported a cent in revenues, ever.
2-3-2000 – 6000 $.89
2-3-2000 – 9000 $.94
2-3-2000 – 2800 $ 1.24
3-3-2000 – 5000 $ 1.05
3-3-2000 – 5000 $ 1.25
6-3-2000 – 5000 $ 1.34
8-3-2000 – 3000 $ 1.09
8-3-2000 – 5000 $ .95a
9-3-2000 – 1400 $ 1.13
9-3-2000 – 5000 $ 1.14
10-3-2000 – 3000 $ 1.06a
13-3-2000 – 3000 $ 1.12
13-3-2000 – 5000 $ 1.15
15-3-2000 – 5000 $ .99
16-3-2000 – 5000 $ 1.05
17-3-2000 – 2800 $ 1.24
17-3-2000 – 2900 $ 1.20
20-3-2000 – 9500 $ 1.24
22-3-2000 – 500 $ 1.28
22-3-2000 – 2700 $ 1.28
22-3-2000 – 10,000 $ 1.44
His offenses as a broker were 76 in-house crosses that may not have resulted in a change of beneficial ownership; 89 high close transactions or on 59% of the total trading days, and 491 uptick transactions of 55% of all uptick transactions. Yorkton was fined $60,000, and ordered to pay $20,000 towards the costs of the Exchange’s investigation.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Peak Positioning Technologies Inc - PKK.c - Update II

seth meyers lol GIF by Late Night with Seth MeyersThis total garbage is surely not worth any more of my attention. It's a non-starter on it's face. The Co is grotesquely insolvent because $ 8m in secured debentures are due at year end. There are also 80m nickle warrants expiring at year end. There is every reason for a final push at the 11th hour to unload this paper before it gets delisted.

The idiots getting their boots filled are happy paying 2.5 times what this krap was trading for a week ago? That isn't 'investing'. That abject boneheadism is called paying off chitbags because you are an idiot.
cat GIF I keep saying it's NEVER rocket science uncovering securities scams. Lets ask our little selves why this co would be congratulating it's paid chitface mouthpiece in public as if he was some unknown retail investor.

2+ years ago I documented an open scam pulled off by PKK.c. This example points out with extreme clarity that scum and lying go hand in hand. The larger the fraudulent lies the better whilst they cash out on utter dummies. The promo crashed and burned 30 odd months ago, naturally, yet is there anything stopping another precisely identical promotion/pack of lies from these crooks today? Hell nope.

The jockey and it's entourage is virtually everything in high risk, high reward penny stocks. Why then can career criminals steal year after year? Simple, people are too lazy or incapable of elementary due diligence. This company is very clearly a scam and ONLY the truly stupid could ever throw their money at it.

Insiders have mountains of $ .02 UNITS and that is far more than this total chit will ever be 'worth'. FD is something around 900m.

Johnson Joseph
Spotting securities crimes and the open criminals attached thereto is rarely rocket science. In fact its usually dead simple. Case in point is ridiculous Canadian OTC scam Peak Positioning Technologies Inc - PKK.c

On July 11, 2016 the co announced a 'purchase order agreement' worth two billion renminbi (approximately $385-million) to go along with a 'purchase order agreement' worth one billion renminbi (approximately $193-million) on July 5. And what great timing that is because there was a $ .02 unit financing on June 15 for 199 million units, which pushes O/S to 700 fukkin million or somesuch.

David Alexander Kuznecov

Liang Qiu
Before we run for our chequebooks to throw money away on this guaranteed sure thing money spinner we best 'do' minimal due diligence eh citizens? First off Peak Position Technologies is dead, and we mean DEAD insolvent. Over $ 1.5 in current liabilities and $ 35k in cash several months ago. Today it's capped past $ 58m

Next tiny issue is the fact the SOURCE for these zillions of renminbi has zero google presence. Next is the fact the co is somehow PAYING for advertising on Stockhouse and PAYING for busted red-handed career securities reprobate David Alexander Kuznecov to tout the paper to retards.

Jiang Wang

Edward Vranic
Also being paid for sweet nothings is some Turd named Edward Vranic who's singular claim to fame seems to be writing straight-up rubbish about this pure junk.

Whilst Kuznecov is spamming multiple threads on Stockhouse daily, these tards are saying their big Wang is in the process of liberating $ 4m of his personal funds from China to fund the idear. The legal limit for removing money from China is $ 50k per year but dopey sheeples don't need to worry their little heads about that. Ahuck.

Fools and their money, but DAMN, the biggest retard in the universe could smell this un a mile away.
Charles-André Tessier
Lets close with wisdom from busted red-handed multiple times David Alexander Walter Kuznecov.

"They are a middle man. They are taking possession of goods to sell at a profit. Transactions are revenues. This is not a hard concept to understand."

David Alexander Kuznecov

Saturday, September 14, 2019

OSC accuses conmen of securities pot fraud - Ward, Serrano, Strang

Ward claimed he held a doctorate degree. This was false and another lie. Canada Cannabis, Benjamin Ward, Silvio Serrano and Peter Strang have been accused of fraud. Canada Cannabis raised about $3.2m and US$8.8m from about 125 investors — about half in Ontario — between 2014 and 2016.

The men reached an agreement to use $1m of investor funds to purchase a 45 per cent interest in Growlite, without hiring a valuator or addressing the conflict arising from investing in Serrano’s company. They are accused of using a further $3 million of investor funds to finance a loan to Serrano’s firm.

Benjamin Ward
The loan was eventually written off without any attempt to collect interest payments or recover the principal. “By the fall of 2016, Ward, Strang and Serrano had resigned from CCC, leaving behind a company depleted of all investor funds."

Ward continued his fraud career with 'Wayland Group,' which is halted, likely for good. The 3 men face lifetime bans from the securities market in Canada and fines.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Calling out John Paul Tognetti - Update II

So JP. Who was right as rain about GOOD.v and WHO deserves a serious butt-spanking for being a dopey Venture rube? I believe I'll post a reward for information on the e-whereabouts of Tognetti bummy.

Reading the latest 'victory lap' of the failed GOOD.v financing is suggesting to me that the TOTAL dopes at Haywood are still hot to trot by the tune of $2m. How iffing stupid, errr, never mind. The next deadline is the 28th apparently.

This dopeshow is soooooo obvious and soooooo outrageous I DEMAND access to obtuse Tognetti bummy for spanking purposes. I figure GOOD.v doesn't have 2 months left without new money. If they successfully steal more, well, there goes my carefully considered ANALysis.
John Tognetti. Chairman, Board of DirectorsAllrighty Mr. John Paul Tognetti. I'm suffering yer press mightily ... "Mr. Tognetti is regarded as one of north Americas leading financiers. He has a proven track record of providing his clients with successful and timely investment ideas." Sir, yer terrible bad connect with GOOD.v guarantees a multi-bag loss in months.
Why don't any of the Rhodes scholars at Haywood present their bum bums for spanking by yours truly? Millions is what I saved youse ingrates. Take some of my highly righteous abuse God dammit.
Further JP, why can't you motivate your brainiac 'team' of useless terds to do very elementary due diligence and BEFORE the dough leaves the building?

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Pot stocks out of favor slightly

It hasn't exactly been keggar time for anybody holding pot paper in 2019. Too tuff slogging tis, and one begins to wonder why NOBODY can possibly make any money on a product that goes for $8,000 per kilo in the black market.

Pot commentators sum it up by asking why 'normal' rules of supply and demand, quality versus price don't seem to apply in the pot industry whatever. Virtually every company is producing as much as possible, regardless if it can be bloody sold at a profit. Outdoor pot is a good example. Production in the US has increased 4 fold and everybody realistically expects a stable price moving forward?

Friday, September 6, 2019

Conman Jesse Dylan aka Michael Woodman - GOOD.v - Update III

And GOOD.v was halted for failure to file. WHEN will that evidence of securities fraud be filed for all to gag over? How about never, ahuck.

Latest and greatest as this utter krapus crashes and burns is the background of the new main man Mr. Chris Bradley. Observe

"I was pretty shocked. He was a complete fraud," said Mr. Kornblit.
At this moment GOOD.v has revealed, after a 3 day halt, "there has been a significant negative shift" and that would be Bank of Nova Scotia pulling the credit lines and scooping anything they could find. Now "Good Life is proposing a repositioning of its business" and "Discussions will now begin with key stakeholders, starting with secured creditors, ahead of any likely breach of covenants."

What does this stupidity mean? This paper stands to be halted permanently and then delisted as not meeting minimum listing requirements.

Craig Pavia
The criminal fraud lassoed $21m, $9m from 'subscription receipts' and the balance from BNS. This fraud was first accomplished by paying Craig Pavia about 12X times as much as '495 Communications' was worth. Next multi-millions went out the door for MattFace's fully worthless 'Impression X'

The conmen then tried to steal another $3m from Echelon, which failed. They did manage to steal $1m from the idiots at Haywood.

Matt Hopkins
Key functionary was BridgeMark famous crooked CFO Konstantin Litchenwald, who engineered and tended the accounting fraud. It was a 'black box' revenue scam with 'round trip' accounting between related paper companies. Revenues were and are entirely fraudulent and non-existent.
Hi Jesse/Mikie.

I was by the shuttered office again but I didn't see you there. Shame. Sleeping well you horrid criminal?

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Alex 'Blackie' Black becomes Sprott BumBoy - RIO.v - Update

Our former hero Alex Black has released the updated mineral resource estimate and prefeasibility study at Fenix in Argentina and numbers are less than stellar. $121 million after-tax net present value discounted at (pffft) 5% for a 27.4% internal rate of return. This ain't 'world class' anything and that is obvious.

Blackie is deep in the waterless mountains this time and those numbers point to a white elephant unless PoG continues a rocket trip ride to the moon.
Alex 'Blackie' BlackLatest in Mr. Alex Black's world is the backing of Timminco billionaire Eric Sprott to the tune of a $22m financing with Eric baby parting with $9.9m of his limitless wad. What does Eric Sprott 'know' about mining? About the same as solar cells as far as I'm concerned.

In other news, lawyertard Kenney was offloaded.
With as much respect as I can muster, Eric Baby's track record since his $ 1.3b score is much like a blind drunk at a whorehouse.
See ----->Alex 'Blackie' Black revisited Again - RIO2