Sunday, December 29, 2019

Legal pot in Canada not the cat's ass

Even the armchair rocket scientists have figured out legal pot isn't turning out to be the unmitigated money spinner they dreamed about. The reality has turned out to be far removed from the fantasy. The bottom line is that pot is a commodity exactly like any other and ignoring that fact is a prescription for disaster.

The troubles started early with not enough supply to meet demand. That meant long lines and delayed orders. Consumers were quickly turned off. Then the lack of supply became a glut, and there's no sign of that slowing down.
Legal pot is more expensive than black market and often of lower quality. Studies show legal pot is around $10.75 per gram while black market is $5.98. 75% of Canadian pot users rely on black market and the reasons are obvious. They receive a better, cheaper product and it is readily available.
Despite the sweet nothings of those buried in legal pot the fundamentals continue to look grim. Until the too brilliant capitalists find a way to compete nobody will buy their product. More will always be preferred to less, a concept that is apparently incomprehensible to some.