Sunday, March 1, 2020

'A giant floating petri dish' - Cruise Ship industry in trouble deep

Carl Goldman thinks about cruise ships differently. “It was a giant floating Petri dish” he says of the Diamond Princess. The American was one of hundreds who contracted the COVID-19 virus during quarantine.
At least 705 of the 3,700 passengers were infected; six have died.

While the cruise ship industry is an obvious casualty of COVID-19, nobody can possibly say what impact the virus will have on other global industries, most notably tourism, conventions, and events. This is not the time to be inside ships, cars, trains or aircraft and it is time to avoid crowds. That means a recession of global scale that might take years to recover from.
The word 'pandemic' is no longer verbotten. Travelers must avoid Iran, Italy, China and South Korea. There are now 50 countries reporting cases. It seems inevitable that no country will be spared.