Monday, June 29, 2020

Softlab9 Software Solutions Inc halted by ASE - SOFT.c

The Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) has issued a 15-day halt trade order that stops all trading in SoftLab9 Software Solutions Inc. SOFT.c. The ASC may issue a halt trade order in certain situations, including when it considers that there are unexplained and unusual fluctuations in the volume of trading in, and market price of, an issuer's securities or when it considers that circumstances exist or are about to occur that could result in other than an orderly trading of a security. The order is in effect until end of day July 20, 2020. Rahim Mohamed is the main dopus of this un.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Bayer to pay up to $10.9b for cancer causing 'Roundup'

German pharmaceutical giant Bayer is paying up to $10.9b to settle lawsuits over subsidiary Monsanto’s weedkiller Roundup, which causes cancer. Bayer is also paying up $1.22b to settle two other cases, one involving it's PCBs. The Leverkusen-based company said the Roundup settlement would close about 75% of the 125,000 claims made against it. The deal ends legal disputes it inherited with its $63b takeover of Monsanto in 2018.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Konstantin Litchenwald's latest - A-Labs Capital II Corp. - Update III

We have a 4 page auditor cover letter over the BABY.v financials and that is a new record for this cowboy. Reading that ought to be ALL that's needed to run for the hills, quickly. We have a Tel Aviv auditor signing off on Canadian GAAP, for a VSE co that does all it's 'business' in Israel. $ 5.4m loss in 2019 on revenue of $500k. We have 80m OS showing, but there are zillions of $.0001 warrants. 40,639,249 warrants average out to a whooping @ $.03. FD WAS 117m giving a market cap for this chit of $240m+.
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Curious about the determined Tel Aviv group behind Litchenwald your author decided to take a gander at their 'success' and that would be the recently listed RTO through Cannacord called Else Nutrition Holdings Inc. - BABY.v. Curious in that this group has appeared to make the rounds of virtually every brokerage house in Vancouver before landing with the total whores at Cannacord.

What can we say about this co? Not much because it has no business to speak of. Minimal 'sales' and half the dough raised in 'subscription receipts' is already spoken for 3 months in. A body HAS TO WONDER what 9 (countem) high level executives actually 'do' on any given day.

This group is immediately suspect for having Litchenwald anywhere near them. They are either inherently crooked or fully incapable of any DD. It appears to not matter that much because what we appear to have here is another worthless scam going nowhere but down the tubes.
The financials ALREADY beg disbelief. $790k in current liabilities with another $580k due to related parties. $ 3.3m loss, instantly, and these dogs very much need to be avoided.
There are 3 (countem) shells.
A-Labs Capital I Corp. - Doron Cohen - - Echelon dated August 31, 2018
A-Labs Capital II Corp. - Doron Cohen - - Haywood dated October 22, 2018
A-Labs Capital IV Corp. - Chay Benahmou - - Haywood dated June 7, 2019

Common thread? The first two have Litchenwald showing on the BoD. Those two have failed in their QTs. Number 3 has different directors, excluding Litchenwald. That QT has yet to close. ALL QTs involve multi-millions in 'subscription receipts' for a dodgy, fully unknown and possibly the same, acquisition. 'Doron' describes his vast knowledge of "Mobile Advertising, AdTech"

A-Labs Capital II Corp. (TSXV: ALAB.P) announces that it has completed its initial public offering through its agent, Haywood Securities Inc., of 2,000,000 common shares of the Company at a price of $0.10 per common share for total gross proceeds of $200,000 pursuant to a prospectus dated December 17, 2018 filed with the British Columbia and Alberta Securities Commissions.

The Company has received final acceptance to be listed as a Capital Pool Company (CPC) on the TSX Venture Exchange. The common shares of the Company are expected to commence trading on the TSXV at the opening of market on or about March 15, 2019 under the trading symbol “ALAB.P”. Tel Aviv resident Doron Cohen is CEO of A-Labs Capital I Corp. The Company's board of directors and management team is comprised of: Doron Cohen, Noah Herscovici (CFO), Michael Mire (Director), Bruce Rowlands (Director) and Konstantin Lichtenwald (Director).

Monday, June 15, 2020

QuadrigaCX was a Ponzi fraud - OSC

Bankrupt crypto trading platform QuadrigaCX was a Ponzi scheme says the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC). The OSC released a report detailing its investigation into the downfall of QuadrigaCX.

The firm collapsed due to “a fraud committed by Quadriga’s co-founder and CEO Gerald Cotten.” Most of the $169m asset shortfall resulted from Cotten’s fraudulent conduct. $115m worth — “arose from Cotten’s fraudulent trading on the Quadriga platform." Cotten lost another $28m trading clients’ assets on external trading platforms without authorization, and he “misappropriated millions in client assets to fund his lifestyle.”
In late 2019 lawyers for creditors burnt by QuadrigaCX wanted the body of Gerald Cotten exhumed for identification. The 30 year old reportedly died of complications due to Crohn’s disease at the end of December 2018 in India. Deaths from Crohn's disease are rare.

Cotten’s death was kept secret for over a month, with the exchange accepting deposits but not allowing some customers to withdraw funds. The QuadrigaCX website was shuttered by his widow Jennifer Robertson, with the company filing for creditor protection. Cotten's widow announced that Cotten was the only one who knew the private keys to the exchange’s cold wallets. It turned out they had been drained, with the holdings transferred anonymously.
Following his death, Cotten was embalmed in a medical school and transported back to Canada, where he was said to have been buried in mid-December. The couple had been living a luxurious, jet setting lifestyle for years, all on funds belonging to others.

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Thursday, June 11, 2020

SBUX.q - Starbucks new business model unclear

It's a new world for Starbucks and it involves long lines, slow service, and virtually no seating. It lost $3.2b in revenue during its fiscal third quarter due to the coronavirus pandemic. 200 retail stores in Canada will be shuttered. The company expects same-store sales in its two largest markets — the United States and China — to decline 10% to 20%.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

RIO2 versus peers

We reproduce that which somebody posted on SH. This material ought to be speaking for itself and a body would need to be blind to miss the .49 gm/ton reserve grade and $1000 asic. This operation intends to truck every bucket of water (sewage) into the mountains.

Nuff said regarding soft economics?

Saturday, June 6, 2020

BCSC issues ALERT for CannaOne Technologies Inc. - Solomon Riby-Williams - CNNA

This fukkin garbage was 'trading' around $1.40 when the BCSC stepped in. No surprises with this brick and WHO is soooooo stupid to touch it at any level?
The BCSC has issued a HIGHLY non-standard alert for CannaOne Technologies Inc (CNNA.c). Solomon Riby-Williams is the 'CEO / Co-Founder'. His bio states he ... "has an expert understanding of Front-End and Back-End Development." Grammar notwithstanding, this joke and it's main joker pretty much takes the fraudulent cake."The BCSC has recently learned that several vulnerable seniors in B.C. have been targeted by someone using high-pressure sales tactics, including daily phone calls, to encourage them to buy shares in CannaOne Technologies Inc. "

Solomon Riby-Williams

'The Company has developed technology that leverages big data to deliver predictive analytics and actionable insight to the emerging cannabis industry.'

Solo nails one of my 'top three' dorkisms vis-a-vis 'leverage'. If he adds 'traction' and 'momentum' it's the trifecta.
And what an amazing coincidence it truly is. This fukkin mutt is accused of operating a boiler room targeting seniors when, mere days ago, chitloads of $ .02 paper became free trading.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

RIO2 revisited - Alex Black - Thomas Ronk - Update IV

15:59:59H0.600.022,00079 CIBC1 AnonymousK
15:59:33V0.56-0.0223,0007 TD Sec87 BeaconK
15:59:33V0.56-0.025007 TD Sec70 ManulifeK
15:59:30U0.56-0.0210033 Canaccord2 RBCE
15:58:03V0.56-0.022,50089 Raymond James70 ManulifeK
'High closing' on the VSE is an open joke and is soooo widespread it may as well be considered VSE normal. With 240m outstanding and a bid of $.52 this insulting penis jerking represents $19m in phantom 'value' created with a scumbag trade of $1200. RIO is garbage beyond compare. Beware.
What UTTER krap, and this material is bad too. 'High frequency traders?' Mr. Alex Black is a freakin clown. The website Black's Ronkyman touts on Twitter.
Unleash the POWER of artificial intelligence!
The goofy OTC is something most folks should stay away from. Its dopes on phones swapping dead worthless paper, here to there, trying to grind out pennies off dummies. This site is cool and it matters not which PoS one punches in. The charts are all similar. Shorting is standard operating procedure for market makers on the OTC. Naturally it's 'naked' until covered the next day. There is NOTHING special about RIOFF. NADA.
Thomas Ronk - tom@buyins.netIn this game a body tries to pin down that which is out of the ordinary. For reasons I'm on the trail of, Alex Black gave zero detail about Mr. Thomas Ronk and/or his A very brief review reveals Mr. Ronk's clients are ALL total and complete OTC garbage.  These are RIO2s peers apparently. Since the short volume is 100% on the OTC and not on a 'real' exchange WTF is going on here? This observer smells a bloody, damn rat, again. "helps companies fight abusive market making & short selling." - (RIOFF) This website must have been built by a grade school drop out. It appears to not work at all in most cases. Its not even secure. (ie. https:) Mr. Ronk charges $1,500 per month to his blue chip clients. RIO2 is paying $2,500 per month for a year.
This truly horrid video is dated to 2012. 8 years later and this is the singular source of a photo for the highly enigmatic Mr. Ronk. For the record Mr. Ronk's video tout 'client' was delisted in January 2019.

I ask a simple question of Mr. Black and stakeholders. If the OTC is soooooo disruptive to 'creating value' for RIO2 why not get off the fukkin joke OTC and away from it's 'market makers'?

Better to throw stakeholder money at a ghost catering to OTC chitbags whilst crying to the world about it? Riiiiight.

Most recently in RIO2 land is a heinous, gasp, naked short selling conspiracy. This observer has seen a few of these venture claims come and go and rarely do they 'mean' anything. More often than not it's the spewing of azzhole promoters for utter chit nobody should touch in the first place.

The main problem is that it's a high risk proposition and capital will always have an alternative. Thus to establish a short, naked or otherwise, carries significant costs and risks. If it's happening at all it's either a) not material, or b) done by connected asscracks who know better and aren't gambling at all. (i.e. frontrunning a PP)

The bottom line is if management is crying the fukkin blues about somebody selling the paper there's a problem in the henhouse, somewhere. A deal of merit will welcome liquidity in any form, including shorts. A deal of zero merit cries bloody murder.
Alex Black released the updated mineral resource estimate and prefeasibility study at Fenix in Chile in September and the 'new and improved' numbers were revolting. $121 million after-tax net present value discounted at (pffft) 5% for a 27.4% internal rate of return. P&P is all of 1.8m ozs.

There are currently 240m FD out, giving a total market capitalization of $ 140m. Cash is being burned at rates around $1m per month, likely a result of scores of management who are 'doing' God knows what.
The latest suggests construction in the nosebleed desert mountains will begin no sooner than Q4 2021. (another $20m up in smoke) It doesn't take a genius to determine that this project, barring a major league surge in the price of gold, is a white elephant. Current valuation is a joke.

As far as Mr. Black's credibility goes that was shot to total chit with the disappearance of $ 2.4m in subscription receipts. The fukkin beancounter, Katherine Johnson, should have been offloaded with the PoS lawyer/director Daniel Kenney. She's still entrenched and that means Black is a crook. This observer now calls RIO2 a scam and Mr. Alex Black a confidence man.
This co is STILL locking the content of it's presentation. After review there may be obvious reasons. One example, of several, is capitalization numbers that somehow forget to be the 'fully diluted' variety. That lame hocus pocus is insulting to a turnip.

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